Guardian Bat in 3* Tournament: Feedback Request

I haven’t faced the Bat yet, but my defence is 4-3 with Belith, Namehage, Oberon, Jahinger, GBat. No idea if that says anything.

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I put him on right wing, mono, 2-0, no emblems.
Renfeld oberon gilra chochin bat

Day 12345 2-0 3-0 4-0 5-0 5-0

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Do what’s best for your squad if war more important than 3* tournaments go for it. just don’t be surprised if your defence doesn’t hold up, as a lot of Hitting people with 3* out there! Good luck👍

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I found I was beaten when he was in both tank and flank.never when in the corner…


Must say the bat had emblems , but only a couple. 1-3 with The 3 as a tank… Also, the teams were good teams, well lined up, but not all emblemed. I remember thinking I was going to be able to beat them. Lol


how do you find your defense record?

Surprisingly haven’t faced him yet. He’s right wing for me with 3 other purples and bauchan and my defense has gone 7-2 to this point.

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IMHO Bat is a pretty limited running solitary. I have a couple - and I see little value in them.

I do see a potential running 4 bats and a healer - where the Excellent Family bonus kicks in, but I really need 2 more Bats to try this out.

Too bad there are no “recordings” of the defense sessions. We get very little data (and large amount of Randomness) of how the defense actually works. Looking at ya - SG developers :wink:

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Hi @dez82

Raids screen - make sure you’re on the Tournament tab

Then it’s the tiny question mark next to your score.

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Just hit another one:

It managed to fire with a few of the heros down, but it didn’t take anything out on my side since I had Spirit Link active at the time. Then a massive casscade after that took him out.

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Fought against him 3 times and won. No emblems. Placed on right wing 2 times and once on flank. Wasn’t memorable tbh.

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Believe that only kicks in when running multiple Unique heroes of same family, not duplicates


I haven’t faced him so far but do have him in my defence team :


So far my defence has held an A rating every single day :

  • Day 1 : 5-1
  • Day 2 : 6-2
  • Day 3 : 8-4

I think he is more than just a hail mary. His damage when your team is still alive is pretty decent ( comparable with Isshtak, Karil and Chochin ). My thinking here is that at very fast he can deal decent damage even with all my heroes alive. This is only enhanced by the hawkmoon attack buff or Ulmer debuff. If some of my heroes happen to be dead he will only become more and more dangerous.

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one of my two losses was against a Bat +10 right flank, though the tank was a Gunnar +20 (no costume), and I had trouble charging my Belith and Mnesseus…

Also had a pretty narrow win against a team with Bat +2 at right wing, but the rest of the defense was +19/+20. I was more worried about the Chochin +19 tank. Bat did give me some trouble though, especially when the other heroes were dead. If I had not brought both costumed Hawkmoon and Belith, I would probably have lost.


Haven’t met him yet on offence but he’s on my defence which currently has 7 wins and 4 losses. Running a purple mono defence with: Tyrum-Regular (with maxed costume bonus), Chochin, Oberon, Balthazar and Guardian Bat. None have emblems but all have a Lv 10 troop each (offensive flavour on all except tank Oberon).


Update: defense is 3-2 now. And I met the bat on one attack today in the right corner on a mono purple defense. He fired once with 2 enemies dead and hit 2 targets for pretty good damage leaving one of my heroes in the red who died on a slash attack next turn. I thought about leaving him to last for research sake but opted to kill him next because I didn’t want to risk it due to potential high splash damage cutting things too close for me. In my mind that at least makes him somewhat of a high priority target, which can work well if you set it up right. Won the battle but definitely had to think it through at least a little, due to the bat :bat:

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I faced him maybe twice across 3 profiles across 60 matches. He wasn’t really a threat. I was always stacking two colors so damage was fairly high.

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So I met the bat and set up a test. The fight was well in hand by the time I let him fire. He fired earlier in the fight when there were two dead allies but I soaked that up with shrubbears taunt.

This was a +20 bat with 3 dead allies :

The heroes hit were : Jahangir +6 (atk) ; Namahage +8 (atk) ; Shrubbear +8 (def ). Jah and Nam had full health. He is perfectly capable of one hit Ko’ing a lot of the squishier heroes in the game and I can see how if you have a few beat up heroes left with bat in the corner that you may well regret not killing him sooner.

Like @V616 mentioned the bat gives you food for thought. I specifically timed my bear to soak his damage. Otherwise I can see myself choosing him as a prime target for sniping.


I haven’t faced against him at all, but I do have him in my defense, which is currently at a 73% win rate (19:7). This is one of the few tournaments where he shines, I think…

My dense is: Chochin - Ulmer - Gill-ra - Bauchan - Guardian Bat

All fully leveled, no emblems.

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Nice work. Enjoyed this post a lot :+1:

Also that’s a pretty nice 4-1 attack team against heavy emblems. I like that set up

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