Guaranteed Titan loot tiers

Titan loot seems to be junk all the time and you hardly ever get what you put into it. It’s the most frustrating when you waste all your battle items and flasks to get nothing special in return. The top tiers seem to be less likely to get anything good and it makes me want to just stop hitting because I lose more than what I gain. Why can’t titan loot be more guaranteed based off of performance? If you hit the titan twice as much why do you get loot as someone that hits once? The argument that the lower powered teams would not get ascension items is ridiculous because frankly what good is a higher ascension item if you don’t have a 5* hero? What if the lower tiers offered epic hero summons so the lower powered members would have an incentive to hit more? The lower powered members would get what they want without the top hitters becoming discouraged for doing massive hits and getting nothing in return. Titan loot tiers need to be more guaranteed especially for those that continue to put into the game and continue to get nothing in return.


Guaranteeing ascension items only to top hitters will destroy the alliance system as is. Who is going to participate in a system where only the top few get the good stuff and the rest get mostly nothing…

Take a top 100 alliance, where all the players have 4 and 5 star hero teams. Why would you be in an alliance if you rarely if ever got an ascension item (e.g. 2/3 of the alliance)?

It sounds like you’re just in alliance with too big of a power disparity between high and low.

While devs haven’t confirmed, same loot tiers on higher titans seem to get better loot. e.g. a loot tier 10 as a C on a 10 star gives better loot than loot tier 10 as A+ on a 7 star.

You might find better success (e.g. more ascension items) moving to an alliance that hits higher titans.

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So you don’t think substituting an epic hero summon for ascension items for lower tiers would be worth it? I know when my team didn’t have a 5* I’d rather have a chance for a 5 than a tabard. A tabard is useless without a 5* purple. I’m in a top 50 alliance and have considered lowering my titan hits because being in the top for weeks gets me nothing


There should be a reward system (rank A+, A, B and such) which fits the teampower of the current user. For example a 2500 teampower user which hits a 7* Titan with a X amound of damage (like 15.000 is rank D, 50.000 is rank A and so on) and not based on “what place did he make in the overall fight”. I think this could fix the rewards a little bit because this player needs to spent lots of items to archieve a high amound of damage.

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I like that idea or they could even use the number of cups attained which would make cups not so useless and stop people from dropping just to open crates faster and get the better loot

Why do you have to open a new topic, when this was discussed already yesterday in another one?

I don’t want to write down all my arguments again, so I just copy them, even though they might not fit to 100% as they sometimes were a reaction to something you wrote and which of course is not written here:

Lowering your titan hits is probably not the best idea, both for your alliance and yourself. You will still be better off scoring higher loot tiers regularly in the long run. It’s just no instant gratification and takes quite a bit of pacience…

I think the current system is actually not bad. It prevents elitism to a certain extent, but still rewards performance in the long run. Psychologically, it’s a tough sale though, because rewards are decoupled from performance in the short run. Our limbic systems just can’t handle that temporal performance-reward decoupling very well…

I think the perceived decoupling of performance and reward is a real problem for this game though. There should be more direct and instant reward for performance. That more direct reward could go to the whole alliance though, not individual players. That would still reward the high-performers with a feeling of having contributed to the team, while preventing elitism. Also, it would be good for the alliance team spirit.

Just an idea: How about an alliance great hit score which is bumped by great individual hits (compared to the average alliance hit score distribution). When titan loot is available, this score is factored in to improve the loot quality for everyone. Right after a great hit, the player gets a flashy great hit message. Also, a great hit could show up in the alliance chat as a system message. Note that great hits would occur independent of alliance strength, since they are relative to the alliance performance.

I do not think giving the better loot to the better titan hitters is a good idea. It would be a case of making the already strong stronger. There would be absolutely no hope of weaker players “catching up” or becoming equal to the better hitters. It would also make it much more beneficial to spend money on the game as it would effectively buy your way into better items as you’d have a better chance of being one of the best hitters.

Higher loot tier gives bigger chance for good loot. It only seems like B or C get better loot because there are more players getting that score. If there is one A+ and 15 B players. It is very likely one of those 15 players get good loot but a small chance the only A+ player gets that.

You will always find someone from the low tiers who got something good because there was so many more players in those tiers.


Is there a big issue with titan loots distribution? My teammates were top 3 attackers their IX and I was 4th place tier VIII, but I got 3 star loots while they only got 2 star or 1 star loot. Why? I thought higher performance and tier would get better loots, no? It won’t be fair and making my teammates wanted to quit. NEED TO FIX THIS!

Higher tiers on titans get more random rolls for ascension items, but they are random, and having a higher chance to get better loot is not a guarantee that you will get it. Luck still plays a big role in what you get.

You got lucky this time, and your friends didn’t. Over time though, if they keep on getting better scores than you, the overall amount of good loot they get will be more than what you get.

Can they make the loot based off of participation? Like x hits = y percentage loot boost? Then it is not a A-F grade scale that matters but participating in the take down.

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