Guaranteed hotms, seasonal, and atlantis heros?

I want to address the developers directly. I find myself in the position of loosing another good team mate and long time sg fellow member contigent upon the atlantis summons. His last 5* pull was grave maker long ago. Im very certain if he doesnt fair well in the draws he to will be gone. To that end i have a solution. I currently have just about every hero imaginable except for hel. I do not need a system chage for myself nor do i want one for myself.

Here is my proposal. Lets please cater a little more to the smaller and F2P guys. I think it would greatly benefit everyone if you would please initiate a count down. I feel with tc20’s existence the regular 5*’s should be excluded. I say that no matter what method is used for a summons, be it epic hero tokens or gems that every draw which yields no hotm or seasonal 5* hero or atlantis 5* should give said player a 0.5% increased chance for drawing the hotm or seasonal/atlantis hero on their next attempt. This should continue until said player has received the hotm or a 5* atlantis /seasonal. In addition there should be a 4 or 5 month countdown. Once the hero is drawn their odds will stay at the base level draw odds until their cool down timer has expired. This would be absolute necessary to prevent players like me from increasing our chances even more for draw odds simply because we are spending more and drawing more. That would result in the spenders continuing to spend while encouraging higher retention rates among the older f2p players. That would mean we would get 2 extra heros per year that most soenders, like myself, will already have multiple duplicates of. .

Im not requesting this. Im letting you know as a fellow business owner this MUST be enacted and coded asap. Your game is only viable with long term player retention. This is another of the main issues thats causing you guys to have lower retention. This same system needs to be applied to rare ascension items. Those items should get a higher percentage drop rate based on every time a chest is pulled, or titan is killed, that results in no rare asc item being awarded. Hence their odds need to increase. Again, if a player receives one through random luck or a flat purchase then their odds reset and a one month cool down timer begins before odds start increasing again.

Why am i allowed to buy so many rare items and use money to get so many great heros? Its capitalism, and its needed to fund this game. On the other side, alliances have made strong bonds among players and when the f2p players drop out then they often times take the guys paying for this whole show with them. You understand the player retention dynamics i speak of and i would encourage you to carry this out. Display each players draw odds so that they have hope and i feel this system will increase retention and further the success of this game.

I feel my case has been made and I feel it its more than clear that this goes a long way towards addressing player retention all while not giving the guys who spend any advantage at all. It just helps the f2p players feel like there is hope.

Thanks in advance.

Disclaimer…sorry if this is in the wrong section, sorry if this had been discussed before, sorry if my grammar is not accurately acceptable to a phd english major, sorry if im not as smart as the next guy. That being said i think i covered 80% of the critics. Thank you


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