Guaranteed HOtM, old HOtM or 5* Atlantis heroe after 50 pulls

Hello everybody,

I didnt see this topic at “Shortlist of Frequent Requests” so decided to write it down.

Due to very bad odds of getting good 5* heroes - even after a big amount of pulls, there should be guaranteed that player will receive current HOtM, old HOtM or any other 5* Atlantis heroe after the specified number of repetitions of pulls… let say 50 pulls (or apr.15k of gems).

People spend real cash on this game and do this because want to get good heroes.
If they dont get good heroes after a big amount of pulls - it provide to frustration and very angry attitude because they are feeling like they thrown their own cash away for nothing…

I think that it would be fair enough agreement between the players and SG - if players knew that they would receive a good 5* hero after a certain number of pulls.

Best Regards

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