Guaranteed HOtM, old HOtM or 5* Atlantis heroe after 50 pulls

Hello everybody,

I didnt see this topic at “Shortlist of Frequent Requests” so decided to write it down.

Due to very bad odds of getting good 5* heroes - even after a big amount of pulls, there should be guaranteed that player will receive current HOtM, old HOtM or any other 5* Atlantis heroe after the specified number of repetitions of pulls… let say 50 pulls (or apr.15k of gems).

People spend real cash on this game and do this because want to get good heroes.
If they dont get good heroes after a big amount of pulls - it provide to frustration and very angry attitude because they are feeling like they thrown their own cash away for nothing…

I think that it would be fair enough agreement between the players and SG - if players knew that they would receive a good 5* hero after a certain number of pulls.

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Because I think people are confused. With their cash they bet not buy.

There’s no conecction between money spent and better reward except the number of summons.


Idea’s like this seem good on the outside, but once you start thinking about them a bit deeper they break the game. This would simply make the game P2W and if it goes P2W people will complain. The game is already mildly P2W cause the biggest bank accounts have access to the most flag’s. They also in theory have access to the best hero’s thought it rarely plays out or pays off for them.


What you speak of is called a “Pity Timer”. In essence, as you try, try, try again… the chances of getting a good draw increases… until you finally get that thing, at which point it all resets.

I wholeheartedly believe that if SGG wishes to maintain their horrendously stingy droprates (seriously, 1-3%?), that they must put into play a relevant pity timer. Otherwise, double the droprate.

The idea of the pity timer would be something like… guaranteeing at least one 5* hero every 30 pulls… it wouldn’t excessively change the stakes, but it would push up the average ever so slightly. The key here is choosing the appropriate timeframe for the pity timer to reach critical mass. If it were a guarantee on every 30th pull, then the average player would likely get one every 20th.

I wholeheartedly believe that Empires & Puzzles needs a pity timer. It would save SGG so many complaint threads and ragequits.


The idea of some sort of increase in certainly, or better drop rate, has definitely been proposed multiple times before.

See, for instance:

Etc. It certainly ought to be in frequent requests at this point.


I disagree. The odds are posted, they are small. And that’s the way the game is played. I go dry occasionally and I hit the jackpot less ocassionally.


Do the game developer read all these feedbacks?

Yes. But they don’t usually respond to them directly.

Thanks for the assurance. Cos i got really upset last Atlantis event. Spend much but didnt even get a 5*. Super frasturated. I think this is a good suggestion.

I think the system works just fine. And yes, I’ve spent more money than i should have. Especially doing rage pulls. It would just give the whales more incentive to drop even more money


Please no. If so all player not paying will leave as they have no chance anymore. Bet you don’t want loose this varity of gamers in E&P, right?

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I agree that the odds aren’t quite right. I did 80+ pulls in December and almost 80 this month with no HOTM. It’s so frustrating to see others who get it multiple times and others not at all. It makes me regret spending money on this game.

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A hotm has a 1.3% chance of being pulled. The probability of not getting a hotm with 50 pulls is 52%. More than half the time.
With 80 pulls it 35%, one third of the time.
These are the published odds. If you don’t like them don’t play them.

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I hear your frustration, but that’s the way truly random systems work. It’s completely fair, in the sense that everybody has exactly the same chance to draw a HOTM with each pull. But it definitely doesn’t guarantee equal outcomes for equal money spent.

At 160 pulls, the chance of not getting a HOTM is 12.3%. It’s almost exactly the same chance as flipping a coin 3 times and getting 3 tails.

So you got a little unlucky. But not super unlucky. If that kind of outcome really bothers you, I’d encourage you to consider playing Free to Play (F2P) or Cheap to Play (C2P). A lot of people actually find they enjoy the game more without the stress of real money involved. And 160 pulls is a fair chunk of change, even with the cheapest gem deals…


I wonder if SG will ever beta test things like these. Increasing AM drop rates, summoning odds, and so… Or they just test heroes? That’s only half part of the game.

every 1-10 pulls i did, i always get a 5*.

the last atlantis, i pulled 5 with 500 atlantis coins. gave me a dedilah, tibertus, scarlett and the rest 3*
During christmas, i pulled 10, gave me isarnia, caedmon, sonya, 4x boldtusk and the rest 3*
and december atlantis, just 2 pull, sartana and gormek
november atlantis, i got mitsuko with just a single pull from 100 coins.


I’m curious as to how you would propose they beta test that. And what measure they would use to tell if a change were good.

I don’t know how beta works. But if the heroes to be tested are just given to the players, they could stop doing that and let people actually try to get them by doing summons and testing different %.
Same with ascencion materials. Do players get heroes fully ascended? Do they receive any AM? The #2 top complain in game (following this about summoning) is lack of these materials.
Is this issue also tested? We don’t know, but I really think it should be.
I understand the urge for testing new heroes fully powered in field, but getting them is just the first half. The truth is people use these heroes for months without being able to fully ascend them. Trying with different drop rates of blades and tomes for example, I think it may worth the effort.
But again, I don’t know how beta works :man_shrugging:

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Interesting ideas. I’m not in beta myself, but I think the big problem is that they have a short amount of time to do testing, and need to verify how new heroes, content, and game mechanics work. My understanding is that this is why they don’t leave things to a more natural gameplay experience. But I don’t know what all they actually give to beta players in the way of AM, gems, etc.

They definitely need to fix this broken part of the game before they drive away the paying customers. This month I’ve done over 200 pulls and got garbage 3* and garbage 4* with the exception of Obakan (undeniably the worst 5* hero to date) and Sartana. Over 200 pulls most certainly warrants at least one HOTM, especially when there are those that get the HOTM with one gold hero token. This frustrates paying customers to the point we will not spend another penny on this game, and that’s where I’m at now, I refuse to support this extremely unfair system. Not one more penny from me. Now I’m not naive enough to believe my boycott from spending will make a difference to SGG however I know from here on out I will absolutely get what I pay for, and that is absolutely nothing.

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