Guaranteed 5* hero in a 10x summon

I’ve just had my third disappointing 10x summon in a row.
This time I got all 3* heroes. This is a disgrace. Gems cost money
and without a decent return why should anyone pay for any?
One 5* hero should be guaranteed for every 10x summon and
everything after that should be a bonus. If not then why should people
spend any money on gems if they do not get any return?

At present there are 4 5* heroes per element, a total of 20. If one was guaranteed from each 10× pull, in a very short time, all the spenders would have the full set, and then they would stop spending money.

With less money coming in, the game withers and goes away. This would be a bad thing.

The random rolls are also what keeps people who can’t or don’t play in a position to actually compete with paying players who have played for a similar amount of time. Anyone can get lucky with a token and get a 5* but it’s difficult to just buy one’s way to the top.


There’s an easy fix to that of introducing more 5* heroes.
The spenders already have full rosters of 5s.
Also it took until my 4th 10x summon to get a 5
so it
actually limited my progress in this game.
Plus with the events there are always new 5* heroes to keep
people interested.
The way it is now makes people less willing to spend money as there is
no guaranteed return. I won’t be spending again.


You don’t have to spend money for gems. You can get free gems for filling chests, completing quests, and Mystic Vision.

And even if you spend the money to buy enough gems to pull every 5* in the game, you still need to grind for the materials to ascend them. This is what keeps the playing field at least a little less tilted in favor of P2W players and gives F2P players a chance


I don’t think it should be a garuantee, but I do think there should be a pity timer. In the past couple of days, I bought 200 dollars worth of gems. Got 7 x10 summons with 2k gems left (will be saving those up for another x10 in the future). However, in those 7 x10 summons, I did not get a single 5 star. Not even HOTM. It feels really bad to not get one with that much money invested. I know odds are a thing, but if one was just given to me, I’d feel incentivized to spend more money in the future. However, as of now, I am completely jaded with the game and don’t see myself putting a single cent into the game from this point forward…


That’s a disgrace, I though I was bad with 3 bad 10x summons.
The developers should listen to the players more.
I don’t feel incentivized to buy anymore gems.

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A 10x pull costs about $30 USD… if someone spends $600 don’t they DESERVE to have every darned hero?

And, as a matter of fact, this would only actually guarantee them 20 5* heroes, not 20 UNIQUE 5* heroes. So they may still have to spend. Which is absurd enough…

But they’d still be able to spend anyway, because HOTM, and event heroes.

So, this would be a beautiful thing for people who aren’t big spenders. But so long as the game is printing money, I won’t expect to see any changes to their money making formula.


Less money = game withers and dies

Cmon bro. You think $6m a month is what they need to keep the game going? If that number became just $509k somehow, I bet the game doesn’t wither and die, but keeps going anyway. Cause that’s still frickin $6m a year. Which should, ya know, probably be enough for 25 people.

“This would be a bad thing” pfffft. Says who? If this game dies, it would say a lotta good things about an evolution in gaming. But wouldn’t worry, it isn’t going to happen. And has nothing to do with this game’s gambling machine and it’s cruddy odds.


well, a guaranted 5*, is not a guaranted 5* that you don’t have, you can pay for 20* 10 pulls, anf got only 2-3 different 5*, but you are right on one point, Small Giant’s objective is to earn money, and if we want more 5*, they just have to say we can have them for free with training camp (mostly the bad ones but whatever).

Anyway, it’s a good idea, i already ask for this, with a system like every pull increase the % of luck to pull a 5*, but no answer from SG.

The game should just publish the odds of a hero summon and then you could actually decide based on information and not just your desirable outcome whether it’s worth it for you.

And whether it is worth it for you, that’s your prerogative.

Still, good luck enjoying this game with a roster full of baby 5 stars. Before they’re useful you’re going to have to ascend them first. In that respect, the poor odds of hero summons are actually beneficial to your long term frustration level with the game. Funny how that works, eh? Be careful what you wish for.

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EXACTLY!! I’ve been playing 3 months and I have yet to pull anything besides 3* heroes. It’s VERY frustrating!! I continue to read people quitting this game because the Developers don’t reply abs aren’t messaging to Gamers. That’s unfortunate because even with updates, the concerns of the TRUE players aren’t being addressed. Other game Developers do listen, and do respond top their customers - especially valued customers (and ALL customers SHOULD be valued if they want to keep them!!) And this is true for ALL types of apps , including games, Developers reply in order to better serve their customers. If I don’t see a change soon, I’m going to delete the app and hone my little skills in MCX and/or Fortnite!! #changesoverdue #frustrating #wontcontinuepaying #wontcontinuePLAYING

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I want to address the developers directly. I find myself in the position of loosing another good team mate and long time sg fellow member contigent upon the atlantis summons. His last 5* pull was grave maker long ago. Im very certain if he doesnt fair well in the draws he to will be gone. To that end i have a solution. I currently have just about every hero imaginable except for hel. I do not need a system chage for myself nor do i want one for myself.

Here is my proposal. Lets please cater a little more to the smaller and F2P guys. I think it would greatly benefit everyone if you would please initiate a count down. I feel with tc20’s existence the regular 5*’s should be excluded. I say that no matter what method is used for a summons, be it epic hero tokens or gems that every draw which yields no hotm or seasonal 5* hero or atlantis 5* should give said player a 0.5% increased chance for drawing the hotm or seasonal/atlantis hero on their next attempt. This should continue until said player has received the hotm or a 5* atlantis /seasonal. In addition there should be a 4 or 5 month countdown. Once the hero is drawn their odds will stay at the base level draw odds until their cool down timer has expired. This would be absolute necessary to prevent players like me from increasing our chances even more for draw odds simply because we are spending more and drawing more. That would result in the spenders continuing to spend while encouraging higher retention rates among the older f2p players. That would mean we would get 2 extra heros per year that most soenders, like myself, will already have multiple duplicates of. .

Im not requesting this. Im letting you know as a fellow business owner this MUST be enacted and coded asap. Your game is only viable with long term player retention. This is another of the main issues thats causing you guys to have lower retention. This same system needs to be applied to rare ascension items. Those items should get a higher percentage drop rate based on every time a chest is pulled, or titan is killed, that results in no rare asc item being awarded. Hence their odds need to increase. Again, if a player receives one through random luck or a flat purchase then their odds reset and a one month cool down timer begins before odds start increasing again.

Why am i allowed to buy so many rare items and use money to get so many great heros? Its capitalism, and its needed to fund this game. On the other side, alliances have made strong bonds among players and when the f2p players drop out then they often times take the guys paying for this whole show with them. You understand the player retention dynamics i speak of and i would encourage you to carry this out. Display each players draw odds so that they have hope and i feel this system will increase retention and further the success of this game.

I feel my case has been made and I feel it its more than clear that this goes a long way towards addressing player retention all while not giving the guys who spend any advantage at all. It just helps the f2p players feel like there is hope.

Thanks in advance.

Disclaimer…sorry if this is in the wrong section, sorry if this had been discussed before, sorry if my grammar is not accurately acceptable to a phd english major, sorry if im not as smart as the next guy. That being said i think i covered 80% of the critics. Thank you


@Tpenn , I agree with what you have said, and hope SG takes it to heart! I am a spender myself, but have many friends that are ftp, and know the game just wouldn’t be as enjoyable if they lose hope in the game and quit. I have been recently thinking about this very idea, as to a percentage increase in 5* hero odds, but had no idea how it should be implemented. Your way is well thought out! I don’t know anything about game coding, but hopefully not too difficult for SG to work something similar out.


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if you wanna to spend money on this game, use the vip pass to build ur village and produce mass heroes on TC20. you don’t need money to have 5* heroes, you need TIME. so, if you want to reduce that time, use vip’s 2 builders and get all ur Training Camps to lvl 20 and keep them producing heroes, you’ll eventually get lots of 4* and 5* :} the summoning portal is disgraceful, for sure.

Players want an edge
They gotta pay for it

All part of the game

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I’ve stopped spending money because I spent a WHOLE lot last month and didn’t get even a HOTM. I’m much happier and my expectations are NILL now. I wish it weren’t this way.

If you want to increase your odds of getting something useful, stop spending. They’ll change these beyond-horrible odds. I like the idea of giving people a higher chance the more they pull. Seems reasonable.

What i find amazing is how well defended these low odds are. Not sure if they’re genuine players or what, but there is an over abundance of support for these ridiculous odds. Reminds me of Stockholm syndrome.


This wasnt good at all. I totally agree. Players are also clients. And if you dont respect them eventually they will get bored and they will leave.

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Welcome to Las Vegas, where nothing is guaranteed. You pay for a “chance” to get a bright shiny new 5* Hero. But that’s all your doing is playing the odds, and the stats are pretty clearly written on what those chances are. This isn’t a store where you go in and are guaranteed something if u give them your money. It’s the roll of the dice.


So I played 4 months, did probably like 300 non-daily summons in total, got 15 5* out of it (most of them not that good even or dupe hotms), now some guy comes and he says he wants to take 1 guaranteed for each 10 he does.

Open your eyes now. If SG does it, they will make non-spenders happy. At the same time, they will make the spenders and whales extremely unhappy.

Now, imagine you run a hotel. What type of customers do you want to make most happy - the ones that take the free cookie at the reception and leave, or the ones that rent the penthouse with a view for weekends?


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