Guaranteed 5* for certain "bundle packs"

Recently, a player in my alliance has quit the game. He had been playing for over a year, and spending money too, but he had no luck on getting any 5* hero. Ofc, I guess he’d drawn the short stick, but I believe there should be a way to get guaranteed 5*

And an idea came to me when I saw the x30 pack on the Atlantis summon. You can probably guess it, but I’ll expand either way.

Create a pack that guarantees at least 1x 5 star hero

According to some datasheets I’ve seen, the chances of getting a 5* from training are 5% (1 in 20), whilst I don’t know the % for summoning with gems or tokens, it would be nice to have the option to buy a 20x (or 30x) pack knowing you’ll get a 5*

This could be implemented in 2 ways:

A. Simply do it. (I"ll use the 10x as an example)
1x summon = 300 gems
10x guaranteed 5* = 2600 gems
So, same as we have now, but with a guaranteed 5*

B. Add a “no discount option”
1x = 300 gems
10x = 2600 gems
10x guaranteed 5* = 3000 gems

I really like the new x30 option from Atlantis Summon… but with zero guarantee, it’s just a gem trap. Higher chances and cost reduction and everything… but no guarantee is a bad thing.

This system would greatly aleviate those players who’ve spent cash to get nothing in return and would greatly help F2P, provided they’re patient enough.

Would it affect monetization?
I guess. Not gonna lie. The gambling system is endless, provided players don’t quit. However, keeping player for longer periods of time might be more benefitial in the long run.


  • Add or modify hero packs (x10, x20, x30) to guarantee a 5*


I understand the reason of your post and it is a fact that a lot of frustration can come from bad summons. However i do not think guaranteed 5* should be given by using gems. I would prefer the game to provide guaranteed 5* for something the players have to accomplish in the game. Line an anniversary present. Or a special christmas quest. Not something that will make people pay for once again.


Why not provide a 5* of your choice for having played for 1 year.

A 1yr anniversary present for players that have spent money.

Playets would appreciate that.


We kinda have that already, with special events. But ofc, only the top 3 or smt get a hero. What is your concern? That the players that have already spent might rage?

1yr is way too long. But I like the idea of rewarding older and constant players. Maybe a sort of daily reward system where you eventually get a 5*. But that would be another idea (daily rewards are always fun)

Ps. Not sure if I doubleposted, sorry if I did. I’m from my phone so thing get weird

If you played the game 1 day and started it after 1 year you get a 5 Star Hero?.. NO!

It was only an idea but that said There could be say a catch that yoy would have to log in and play at least once a day for that year and if you miss a day then the date clock rests to 0.

What are the chances of everyone being able to accomplish that task?

Think they would not miss a day just for a guaranteed 5* after 365 days and SG wins as those who want it will keep coming back daily.

All ideas can be considered if they benefit every player equally.

You could do another task that involves say spending a minimum 200$ a month for 12 consecutive months will give you a guaranteed 5* .

The bottom line of all this is you actually get rewarded for playing and/or spending. One suits both free and pay playing players and the other only paying players.

If players are logging in every single day, this benefits SG 100% rating wise so why not show some sort of APPRECIATION for to the players for making them what they are today not to forget the fact that players will have something to look forward too.


Iva played a half year and dont get any 5 Star Hero. That in mind i even wanted to play this more badly to get one.

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I’ve been playing for a year now. I’m not spending a small amount of money per month on diamonds. But I’ve never lost a hero 5 * neither in tokens nor for purchases. I’m more and more disappointed in the game. I have not missed a day of playing. I see what I’m putting money into. when I try to call 10. I get 3 * heroes for three of the same. Developers, you will lose all the games you pay so quickly.


It wouldn’t have to be a top notch either, say after 3 months get a …HuTao! And after 6 months a roll of the bottom of the barrel 5* like the worst 3 from each color, shake em up roll one out and …well it would make my first 5*. It also wouldn’t upset very many, unless they envy your horghall. Idk I like it for a morale boost and keep newer players staying around . Good stuff

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with your answer you can understand what you need to play and not spend money. I said that I was disgraced in the game because I did not get anything normal for my money. and one way out of the money were spent in the void.

And what if you havent spend any money and played a year, they Should not have a 5*?

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all should be 5 * let then sell for money items for battle and rebirth and not for heroes. And the whole problem will be solved

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@TKristensen Hello;;; this is proposed ad an addition to the current methods so it doesn’t affect how f2p players get a 5*.

As for playing for a year the option is the same for both types of players, miss a day and the counter starts again so what is your remark based on.

@Olgavit I understood your question, and my response was towards that keeping in mind that no matter what you do it needs to allow for f2p players to have a chance at that same ability in some way.

The daily login is I think your best idea. 5* should not come easy, but also 1 year straight is too much to ask. Most games do have some login so I think SG has room to improve things as well as you said benefit themselves.

Login bonus thougts:
*each day tiny rewards building up

*fill at least 25 days per month to get (credit)

*say use a tiny chest 0/6 that fills after 6
months of (credited logins)

smash open chest for a 5 hero :slight_smile:


100% mate, I’m just an ■■■ hole so I think like one, lol

Thanks for the support! Let’s hope we get some results soon

Good afternoon . I agree that the player f2p should have the same chances. why then my chances are reduced in the game when I stop paying all the battles I lose. titanium instead of 25,000 to 35,000 begin to beat 15-18 thousand. And in the levels, all activity falls. why in this case I do not get a chance and I fall into the pit. this is not very good in relation to those who pay

If I have learnt anything about this game, it is that it’s all about grinding, getting smashed and put down at one end and building yourself back up on the other end.
If your getting beat by stronger players then get back up doing the same to weaker players than you.

Yes I go through the same issues and when it comes to luck my accounts at the bottom of the list to the point where I feel I will never get a 5* , I need so many ascension items it’s not funny and based on what I have been told and read it will take 2 years before I get them all, I get up in raids and smashed back down in less than 24hrs, just to name a few.

Just play the game and don’t worry about weather you win or lose as this game has nothing to do with being good or bad at it or winning and losing or speed and had everything to do with just accepting the way it is or leave the game.

Good luck mate


I just wanted to revive this. Had this idea today and found there was this idea before.

I’m quite sure something like this could be difficult to implement for SG (¬¬), but come on! At least confirm a S1 5* hero for 10x-or-more pulls.

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