Guaranteed 4* hero for 1st TC13 Summons, guaranteed 4*/5* TC20

I’m somewhat disappointed with TC13 - 32 trainings - over 2 months and not a single 4*. Researching TC20 now. Since it takes about 30 days of dedicated play (with VIP pass) to get TC13 running and 100+ plus days for TC20, it would be very nice to get an immediate reward for the Herculean effort. Since each player only gets one 1st summons on each of the TCs, I don’t think that it would adversely effect game balance or significantly reduce demand for other summons methods. Please consider making it worth the wait.

A nice idea, but stymied by all those that have already built and used TC20. I’m not sure the devs are going to trawl the player base and retroactively gift those players a shiny 5*.

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Not suggesting they go back. Just for the new folks. Done is done.

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On my thread of guatanteeing a 5* from bundle packs, someone was talking about a daily token. Perhaps the same token idea could be added to your idea, and it would work retroactively.

For example, for each T20 you finish, you get a token. And then for X tokens you get a 4/5 hero. Would be cool

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Umm…why should those of us that have put in the hard yards already, and have gotten virtually nothing from TC20 after 4 months, be deprived of this reward? That would be the fastest way possible for the devs to alienate a huge portion of the playing community.

Or why not let all those who have finished the upgrade get the free hero, but not the players striving to get there? After all, they deserve it more for the effort already put in :slightly_smiling_face:


My first TC 20 got me a 3*, very disappointed. I haven’t done it since. I use all m recruits on TC 19.

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TC20 produces 3* heroes about 75% of the time, 4* about 19%, and 5* about 6%. If you get plenty of 4* and 5* from Summons, there’s no need to run it. If you’re F2P, it’s a great source of heroes over the long haul.

I still like the original idea, though, of guaranteeing a good outcome the first time.


It just took so long to get there and do all the research…


Or at least if all tc are level 20 gives one 5* star hero.


I absolutely agree. It is very discouraging and frustrating when you play the game so hard and not get what you would expect.


Translation (French): Personally I have my three TC13s running continuously, and I’m waiting to have about twenty trained heroes before opening them, I did this the first time and got two heroes 4 stars out of 20, 10%. I think it’s ok, otherwise it would be too simple.

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Same here. Been using tc 20 for 2 weeks and got all 3 star heroes. Very disappointed. A serious waste of resources.

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