Guarantee for the best attacker to get the rare titan item, or at least worthy loot

Rare titans are often the ones where people pull out flasks to finish the beast at all costs. This might even put someone, who’s not used to it, at the front of the list of attackers, which is the worst loot tier. From the experience of my alliance, the best loot usually goes to people in the middle section and the top attackers rarely get something good.

Especially with rare titans, there’s usually someone who really needs the item, so they make sure the titan is dead. It is possible it puts them to the first place, which is almost guaranteed to not loot the item. Can’t we flip it?

Let’s leave the others with their looting chances, but make sure the one who made the most damage gets the item as well. It doesn’t make sense that the one who hurt the beast the most ends up leaving with 3 gems and a consolation coat.

Edit (a considerable time later):
I no longer think a guaranteed rare item is a good idea. Now I think the best way would be to only have three tiers, those who do exceptionally good damage, those who do exceptionally bad damage and everyone in between. The reward pool should be the same for everyone, the tier would only state how many times they get to pick from the pool.

Some alliance do put a limit on how much each person should attack on titans! but they usally have a pretty deep squad between all 30 of them.
Some alliance not gonna have that luxury.


I think this will actually hurt alliances in the long run. Members will flask to the top spot, possibly using all of them in pursuit of this gurantee. Could cause Titans to escape and lead to in-fighting for the items or members not being able to hit because everybody else flasked like crazy first


You might be right :thinking: I only accounted for normal people. I know that in our alliance we wouldn’t mind letting the one who needed the item the most to be the top attacker


A lot of alliances are like that. Unfortunately there are many more that aren’t. I wish players could be trusted enough for this to work but I see too many abuses from flaskers


If people are "abusive " or not team players, then kick them off the team! Just because something can be misused, doesnt mean it shouldn’t be done. There are potential problems with ever change that’s made and every change that gets proposed.

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Established alliances can afford to do that. Its the up-and-coming alliances that aren’t able to I’m worried about. The ones that can’t afford to lose members

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Good point.
But the same people cannot just keep flasking for each Titan or even every special Titan. Perhaps a compromise to have top attacker have 75% to get special item

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so by guaranteeing that top attacker gets rare item thereby promoting “flask abusers”?

that’s kinda what i’m reading here…

That’s my big concern with this. Flask abuse leading to fighting within the alliance. Shouldn’t be an issue for established alliances but could destroy newer ones

I am def not promoting flask “abuse” but Titan flasks are pretty rare so someone cannot use them every time.

I’d love to see guaranteed loot on Titans but it shouldn’t be limited to just the top player. Too much potential for trouble that way.

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Not limiting to the top player would be an even better option! I know “growing up” I was glad that even people with lesser power get the good loot. Now that our alliance is more equal, I’m realizing that it’s the people who hit less who have a better chance to get something good. I think it would be fair to at least raise the probability of getting the item for the A attackers

I’m almost always the top attacker on my alliance’s titans and I have never gotten the bonus item from a rare titan.

Personally I am not understanding this whole concept of “flask abuse”. On a good day, I can do more damage to the titan with 1 flag than some of our lower members can do in 3-6 flags total. I score A+ and still get ■■■■ for loot. Meanwhile someone else who scores a B gets a freaking compass and mystic rings.

“Abuse of flasks,” why? Because they want to trade a compass and mystic rings for the rope and feathers and other assorted crap that I got? Knock yourselves out, guys. If anyone believes that I’m getting great loot for having the top score, I will gladly step aside and let them get that “great loot” to see for themselves. :laughing:



Yeahhh, that sweet, sweet titan loot :roll_eyes:

No, not a rare titan. Just a normal 5*. That was my loot for A+ score.

Meanwhile, one of my alliance mates got fine gloves. Another got a sturdy shield. And another got a mystic orb.


@TGW. I totally agree. I am also typically a top Titan attacker for our Alliance. I am glad that lower power members get decent loot but I am getting trash. I have not gotten the bonus item from a special Titan in my 1 yr+ on the game.

Yes rare titans suck but I would rather have increased chances for everyone than for just the top attacker. Here you can find more ideas


Rare titans don’t give bonus reward that often but they often give out flask and emblems lately. You have to have titan loot random… because the fact they appear everyday and if top attackers got a guaranteee well they would pull away from the group ( don’t forget you get a rare about every ten titans if you string them so 3 month). I like the idea of an increase of chance for the bonus loot for all though.

We’re in the same boat.

It’s okay, for me titans are just part of the grind. Once in a blue moon I get something good from them. And sometimes my alliance mates get good loot. On the one hand I’m jealous, but on the other hand, my overall bench depth is so much stronger than theirs - the little guys need some love. All about team effort. I’ve given up on hoping for good loot from a single titan, or even a titan chest. War and elemental chests are where it’s at.

It’s a myth. There is no guarantee that the highest scoring alliance member will get the best loots. Been topping my alliance titan scoring a couple of times and the best loots was 2 * AM. Not a single 3 * AM.
3 days ago was the first. Topping the titan scoring against a non-rare 8 * dark titan and a royal tabbard + trap tools was in the loots.
On many ocassion, getting into A or B+ performance return much better loots.
I even got the bonus AM fighting against a rare titan while in C.
I guess the loots distributes on random basis.
More like a lottery.

  • The idea to guarantee the top performer to get the rare item is far fetched. I still prefer it given on random basis. Else, the strongest members in the alliance will get even stronger.

Я тоже считаю, что нужно увеличить шанс получения предмета!!!

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