Guan Yu or wait for Silvaria

Ok hear me out before you vote Guan Yu.

So far I’m not super impressed with him at 3/70. I’m listing the details of each below for my team. I’m bolding the single most important point for me for each:

Guan Yu

  • Hits 3
  • Bypasses minions on hit
  • D- is can’t be dispelled
  • Better raw stats
  • Situational: Can have larger D- if opponent has minions
  • Already pulled and at 3/70
  • (My green team currently doesn’t summon minions, so passive is not useful)


  • Typically more D- at -34%
  • Hits the single target harder (since D- comes first)
  • Summons minions for all
  • I do mono, so elemental link works well
  • Passives are nice against burn and anti-minion heroes
  • Have spare Barb emblems – need to reset for Guan Yu (probably QoH)
  • (Need to pull and bring all the way up)
  • (Not entirely sure if will be released as is)

So it’s not that straightforward. Silveria actually has a lot of important advantages for my team. By the way, my mono green team runs (all at 9 tiles or below)

Eve, cLianna, Cong, Rat, Hatter (to be replaced with one of the two)

Here you go. Please feel free to leave a comment below too. Thanks!

  • Guan Yu
  • Silvaria

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I read everything you wrote and still voted Guan Yu. Silvaria to me looks like a great HotM but even still, Guan Yu hits 3 at 390% with a high attack stat. Yes his DD is less than Silvarias but the sheer amount of force he delivers to target and nearby can’t be understated.

Either way it would be a nice dilemma to have :upside_down_face:


Thank you for the input!!!

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SG won’t
make free stuff too good, while premium stuff is better if not best

guess which one is free stuff and premium one?


Just a note on your points for Guan Yu
Its enemy minions that increase the defence down not ally minions

My vote was for him by far.

I read all points as well, and still feel Guan Yu is the right choice. Although, you have done your analysis, thought it through, and know your play style and team comp better than the hive mind does. Trust your gut


He meant the Kingdom Family Bonus

Guan Yu gains mana and Hp whenever he gets a minion


Guan Yu is an absolute monster.

I also consider Silvaria to be above average, a year ago she would have been one of the best heroes, but nowadays I can think of 5 or 6 greens I would rather have, and Guan Yu is for sure in that list.

You got Cong, Rat and the Hatter has support heroes, I think with Guan Yu, Lianna and Eve you got excellent firepower, one of Hatter or Cong would be situational. I would say GY is the one doing the heavy lifting.

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Ahh yes . Apologies.

Just pulled the trigger on Guan Yu! Thank you everyone for the votes and comments – you’re awesome!


GY just climbed to 3/19 & I vote for him for everything already explained above.

  • He will lead one of my green teams in a 3-2 combo.
  • Hit 3 @ 390% with that high attack makes him top hero for all situations by himself = I will use him even stand alone.
  • On completion, will try him on defence in place of FriGG in minion wars.
  • Base DD of 21% isn’t bad & higher DD against minion heavy teams will be a super bonus. We all know how much minions make it difficult to kill the heroes they protect.

Finally, the synergy & roster options are the key…

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A bit off topic.

Anyone know GY and silvaria defence down can be stack together?

No they don’t stack. They’re both the regular D

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Thank you!

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