Guan Yu and his defense down effect

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I’m interested in Guan Yu’s effect: “the target and nearby enemies get -25% defense and further -3% decrease for each Minion owned by enemies for 3 turns, up to -70% defense”.

Look at the video: Bug or feature? Defense down from Guan Yu - YouTube
When Guan Yu attacks, enemies get -70% defense. Then when enemies lost their minions, they have only -25% defense. And when they got new minions (from Frost), they get -40% defense.

Is it feature or bug?
Should be percent of defense down fixed (at the moment of attack), or it should be so flexible?

UPD [31/07/22]
Guys, I understand. HOW Guan Yu works now.

But we don’t face at first with such mechanics. Let’s compare descriptions of Frigg and Guan Yu. They are similar in descriptions, and they should work similar. But… They don’t do it.
Defense down effect from Frigg depends on quantity of green tiles on board.
Defense down effect from Guan Yu depends on quantity of minions on board.
And Frigg has fixed defense down (which depends on how many green tiles were in board, when she attacked). And after that for 3 turns this defense down effect doesn’t change.
But Guan Yu doesn’t have fixed defense down, and continue to change for 3 turns.

That’s why it’s interesting for me to hear from developers, who works right now: Frigg or Guan Yu. And if both heroes are right now, why Frigg and Guan Yu have similar descriptions (and how I can see the difference in mechanics from descriptions).


if my understanding is correct, Guan Yu’s effect lasts for 3 turns. So, within those 3 turns, if a minion is killed, the defense down drops or increases depending on the numbers of the minions on the field. Should you kill a minion during the 3 turn time-frame, the defense down drops, but if a new minion spawn, the defense down increases.

Hope this clarifies it.


@Petri , @Saanzi
@Guvnor , kindly ask for your attention to this post.

Thank you!

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It’s not fixed. It’s dependent on the number of minions on the defense team. With no minions, it’s -25% to 3. After Frosth fires, there are 5 minions (assuming no one has died) so it’s -25 - (3*5) = - 40%


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