🐼 Guan Yu – 5* Nature / Green from War of the Three Kingdoms

Also , buddy is not ideal for titans because he summons minions that do little damage, the time it takes for possibly 15 minions to fire is time wasted essentially.

Other than freya, possibly, minion summoners are not great on titan teams.


I use one tornado and one time stop… Usually enough for me to get the board in my favor. She can usually take one hit and survive…

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Good point. I used to hate that but it does help when you need to protect 4 stars on a 14 star for EDD and DD (running Almur and Buddy, this game refuses to give me 5 star EDD, only gotten C Leo and that’s pretty much all I pull for.).

Ready for today’s minion war !


Here’s mine so far, he’s just amazing.


Wow, congrats !

I too have been mulling to give him LBs as I have the lot & he is highly deserving

  • Will lead the 2nd green team with Evelyn & Kingston against Krampus taunt in the minion wars…

Lady of the Lake is quite good.

Here is my Guan Yu, fully levelled, limit broken and with full emblems.


Mine is now finished and he has the exact same stats as yours. He’s nasty isn’t he?

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Oh yes, 3 hits for 1k and more under Evelyn’s debuff. Without debuff, it’s usually 800-900.

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Mine is almost at 3/70, can’t wait to max and emblem him. Then comes yhe dilemma- O need one more aether, then I can Limit Break another green. Guan Yu or Peridot?

Both are worthy, I think.

Fogg and Quenell are already broken.

I’ve got Peridot maxed (not Lb or emblems yet). Her problem is the charging time to 2 or 3 charges. Her first charge is fairly useless. Guan may be better

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Would you mind posting a screenshot of Guan Yu at 70-3, I’d like to know his stats / usability at that stage. Thanks

Sorry, I completed him a week back…

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Here’s the stats at 3-70


Umm he’s the second best one of the family after opchan

I really like Guan Yu, once his -Defense takes hold, no choice but to wait it out. I wrote a full review here: Guan Yu Review - Empires and Puzzles • OLD CYNIC Thanks!


I used to read review from Telly’s Game and Anchor’s hero grading… But looks like both of them have stopped publishing content on hero review…

Your blog and review is now becoming my new favorite. Not to say that I agree 100% on everything but it provides me with different perspectives and thoughts on a hero.

Good work my friend.


Thanks KeeSnow, absolutely, I only share an opinion and accept all views so we better understand the heroes. Thanks for reading!


I’m a bit confused with whether it’s a good or bad thing that he bypasses minions? Often I want to destroy minions especially ones that have secondary effect, so is this a positive or negative aspect of his special? Does he need to be paired with anti-minion heroes such as Skadi/Grimble/Topaz/Penolite for maximum effect?