🐼 Guan Yu – 5* Nature / Green from War of the Three Kingdoms

The defense down increases if minions are spawned after he fires. If the enemy still has the debuff and minions are summoned, it adds to their defense down.

First screen shot was after bera fired

Then after i made her fire again but had not fired Guan Yu


Yes, summoning minions adds to the defense down after he fires


What ??? Are you kidding, wow sorry guys then I was completely wrong. Now that’s evil !!!

Thanks to @MountainMann for proofing me wrong :slight_smile:


So, just a silly question.
DD increases per each enemy minion after he fires, yes. But, let’s say, he fired, there were 5 Bera minions and in the meantime Freya summoned her minions but GY fired only once. Does DD increase ONLY AFTER he fires for the SECOND TIME or it increases when minions are summoned regardless of when he fires (of course, assuming his special went off once).

From my testing, any minions added after he fires add to the defense down. This also holds true if there are no minions and he fires, then minions are summoned. Anyone with the debuff gets the increased DD.

It doesnt refresh the debuff at all, its still only 3 turns.


I see, wow that’s really good anyways.

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That I didnt know, thx!

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The -70% DD can only be achieved against full 15 minions.

Looking forward to combining him with Skadi, should be a great 1-2 punch


I wasn’t sure if he was worth the mats (compared to the other 5* of his family),
but with all the new minion maker heroes he’ll sure be useful!

So heroes like
• Eloise, C_Gormek, Gobbler, Cpt. Diamonds, Grimble will kill minions
• Skadi and Fenrir (killing in general) will benefit from killing minions
• Ureus benefits from enemies having minions and deals damage past them
• Kvasir and Bera will stop minions from appearing


So I learned today that he can reverse Hulda’s undispellable defense up. Works against Luigi too, sadly… (well not Luigi directly, but the others in his team getting the defense up)

Yes, Guan Yu can revert that effect, but Hulda can revert Guan Yu’s ailment too.

There’s also Devana with her minion-killing lynx

My GY just reached 3/70 & will soon complete him as have got th tonics in place…
with the newbies drama unfolding, all hero intros are lined up against the : Pre & Post inductees being tackled … :rofl:

It’s a very busy life for an E&P player !

I have Guan Yu limit-broken, with full emblems (attack + def path), and use him on Titans and in my green raid team.

Other teammates in the green raid team are: Evelyn, C. Kadilen, C. Alberich and Kingston.

First impression: he hits HARD. The damage is comparable with Kingston, but he hits 3 targets and bypasses minions. He is also very durable.

He has a amazing synergy with Evelyn. I found out that sequence of Evelyn - Guan Yu - C. Kadilen is able to reliably kill heavy-emblemed, limit-broken heroes with around 1600 health. Evelyn hits for ~250, then Guan Yu hits for ~1200 and C. Kadilen hits for ~200. Heavier targets like Mother North, could require some help from Kingston.

The def down debuff is very useful against Krampus, but otherwise won’t affect the outcome of the battle much.

The biggest problem with Guan Yu is his Average speed. In some unlucky cases the Evelyn’s debuff wears out before Guan Yu is charged.

For Titans, high attack stat and defense debuff are very helpful. My other def debuffer is Buddy, and he sucks.


After some consideration, I replaced Kingston with Margaret (placed between Guan Yu and C. Alberich), let’s see how this will work. This should give Guan Yu so much needed mana speed kick.

It seems he’s very comparable to Buddy for Titans, though. Buddy has higher def down, Guan Yu has higher base damage. Buddy is stacked at def and health, and should be comparable defense wise at +20 to a +0 Guan Yu (been running him on titan teams for a long time now). All things considered, Buddy helps lower Titan attack and provides 3 meat shields, and is the same mana speed.

Do you find the increased tile damage really makes up for all that? I haven’t finished my Guan Yu yet but I feel I will have to A/B test a couple titans.

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Costume brienne lb and emblemed is still my goto for titans. She doesn’t always survive, but that 65% defense down is special… Well… In green…

Definitely. After switching Buddy to Guan Yu my average damage on blue titans increased from ~50k to ~70k. Other team members are: Evelyn, Ludwig, Bertulf and Ratatoskr. Items are: antidots, small mana potions and dragon banners.

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Maybe I’ll try it, not really keen on bringing a 3 star against 14 star titans. But I do already make an exception for Nordri.