Gryphon's Misfortune is recruiting!

I started Gryphon’s Misfortune just over 2 months ago.
We are still a very small alliance of 6 people. We’re looking for a few active players to join our ranks!
We just finished our last war chest, so now is the perfect time to join!
We want someone who is dedicated to filling in their war roster and who will be active in using all their flags for wars. My co-leader and I spend a lot of time in the chat during wars to help talk strategy.

We are mostly located in the United States, but do have one member from Europe. So, we ask that English be a comfortable language to communicate with.

We are currently only taking down 2* and 3* titans, but that will grow as we grow!

If interested, please reply here or come check us out for a few days!

My alliance wanted me to say that we also have an active chat. One that questions are answered about heros and line up as well.

20 great alliance members needed!

We now have 7 members! Three of our members have our 6 teams for war. We just won out last war and completed our war chest.
Looking for people to fill in our roasters a little more.

As a leader, I’m working on my 5* team. Most of which is in the 3rd tier. We have a 600 min trophy requirement, but if you are actively working on your teams i will change that for you.
Fighting mostly 3* titans, but with new members that will increase.

Oops. :slight_smile:

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