Grumpy's Marauders - 5 spaces available - Friendly and active alliance tackling 8/9* Titans - Looking for players or small alliance merger

Fancy a change? Then why not check out Grumpy’s Marauders…

We are a very friendly and supportive alliance and have 5 spaces available. We are an active alliance and are competitive in wars and titan battles. We are currently fighting 8* and 9* Titans, and yet to beat a 10* - however with additional members i am sure we can do this.

We are virtually all English speaking with membership from all around the world. We have a Facebook group but leave it up to individuals if they want to join. It is a relaxed alliance and members can be as active as they wish but we do ask that they hit the titan daily and use all war hits.

Come and check us out!

Viscount (Vis)
Grumpy’s Marauders

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