Grow Faster With Access to Experienced Alliance

Gutian fosters growth and great team of leaders. I began playing Empires and Puzzles myself. For a long time I was lost. I did not know how an alliance could help me learn more and progress quickly. Then I joined an alliance and I was the little guy. I was killed instantly by titans, no one let me participate in war… then when they finally did they only let me do clean up… I was not fun at all. Then I found Gutian family of alliances. I was welcomed in o a team that was just my size. The titans were smaller, I could participate in war. Gutian also has a group in the line app where experienced players help you choose which hero’s to train, and a bot that you can use to learn where best to farm, what a hero looks like maxed. Look for KissMyZebra in the Line app or search for Gutian online and request to Join. Hope to see you soon!

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