Group rosters by color when sorting heroes and troops

This request should be easy and could save me sooo much time.
When sorted by color, I want to see heroes and troops separated from each other based on color. Every group sorted in itself by power from left to right.
So I would like to see my roster like this:

Purple1 / Purple2 / Purple3 / Purple4 / Purple5 / Purple6
Purple7/ Purple8 / Purple9 --------- Blank (no slot) --------

Yellow1 / Yellow2 / Yellow3 / Yellow4 / Yellow5 / Yellow6
Yellow7 / Yellow8 / Yellow9 / Yellow10 / Yellow11 / Yellow12
Yellow13 ---------------------- Blank (no slot) -------------------

and so on, and so on… (in Slavoj zizek tonation)

This would let me find my heroes of whatever star or power easily when I feed my babies.

As a side note which has been mentioned in the forum before, bringing teams into play when sorting heroes is just making a mess. Titan and raid teams are constantly up to change and raid teams less so. Thanks to that, I never know where to find a specific hero in my roster.

am i the only one whom the order of heroes matter to?

You can sort by element (which is color) already. Not sure what you are asking.

The four sorting methods is element, power, name, and class. Click the sort method.

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As said sorting by element is possible. For me it is just annoying that system conciders teams…then I got the other colours in between :frowning:

If you look closely, I start my post with “when sorted in color”.

The idea is there should be separation between colors so that the heroes of different colors won’t come adjacent.

What this would accomplish is to be able to find powerful heroes at the same exact spot when you scroll to that color.

Hope I could make myself clearer

not considering teams is another good way to offer an organized view of roster, i don’t even understand how it came into existence in the first place. who cares which heroes are involved in most teams? i mean if there are some people like that, offer that as an option.

on the other hand, what i suggest brings something different. think of every color as a paragraph. the last row of heroes of a color ends with the last hero and the next color starts from a new row.