Ground floor alliance construction

In all relationships, there is a group for everyone in the unique journey to playing this game.

I’m looking for like minded players.
Play style of the elite but work in progress rosters.

-Standard requirements

Opt in war use all your flags

Attacks on titan 4 flags minimum spent.

-Additional requirements in war attack opponents with in your means don’t attack lower targets to pad your totals.

Communicate and follow the group strategy in war.

Must communicate and must download the app “line” update roster

Can not be top heavy in your roster. 6 teams of like power score.

Starting power score of six teams @ 2900 Or more

Top team can’t be more then 300 power points from the sixth team some of you this is a new concept and can adjust quicker then let’s say 4K and above rosters. With war what ever you best five power score is you need to have the means to one flag wipe that team 6 times.

Potential exception if your very active and investing Several times a day in the game will give you trial run and see if you progress. Can’t opt in war until you are in the proper range.

Best way to Label our method is very active, like minded, works in progress. We are not the second or third group of a high end alliance we will have 100% hands on development.
We will follow a method and hold each other accountable just like the top 100 would.

This fits you then you will be with like minded players

Lastly can communicate maturely, get your point across like an adult. My wife plays and we don’t need TMI

We’re starting out have room for you or your group if this is your philosophy that you want for yourself.

Just have to be accountable to such rules as we will hold ourselves accountable.

To contact me on line app my handle is misfitqt

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