Grimwood disappeared [it showed up again now]


I was all ready and poof … it disappeared.


That happened to me too, and then it showed up again when I exited and entered to another screen a couple times.

If you haven’t already, force quitting and reopening usually fixes Quest oddities for me if just going out of/into the Quests screen doesn’t.


Tried that a few times … I’m sure it’ll show up soon - I hope!


It’s a mysterious forest with mystical powers. It’s hiding in plain sight until ready to reveal itself.

Hope it shows up soon!


It’s there now so you can close this post. Other players can open it again if they have a problem. Thanks


Great, glad it showed up!


Had the same ‘issue’.
Force closing the app and starting again did the trick here.


Moved to bugs & issues. Please try force closing your app and restarting as @zephyr1 kindly instructed. :slight_smile: