Grimoire dust

Have noticed that Grimoire dust is not dropping. Haven’t been able to use banners it titan fights. This are kind of important. Is this a bug issue? Its been 3 titans no dragon banner. Grimoire dust seems impossible to get. Rid 2 full rounds of 31 fights no Grimoire dust to be seen. Can we get this corrected? Maybe a few titan flasks to make up for no banners an lower scores? That would be cool.

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It might be the level that you’re fighting on. Grimoire Dust can be found starting on province 5. There’s an increased chance of finding it in provinces 20 & 23.

Here’s a screenshot that shows all the loot info on this item. Hopefully this helps :grin:

I have the same problem, I don’t know why it is so difficult to get it even though it is only 3 stars.

The management of the game should raise its quantities at every raid and excavations of all kinds, because it is important in the production of (weapons / health)

I’m a level 69 player and almost never use these crafting items. No trouble finishing every event/ challenges etc. You got a ton of Orichalcum nuggets. Never making any Tornadoes for the titans ?


You can use Alchemy lab to fill in the gaps in your crafting materials.

Either craft the 3* from 2* mats or transmute 3* into different 3* crafting mats. When you use at least one ingredient of every 3* type except the one you need (so if you want Grimoire dust or Fine steel, just load the Alchemy jar with Hardwood Lumber and Midnight roots - at least one of each) you will get the desired one(s).

Go to FORGE buildings and look at the requirements from ‘Dragon Banner’ to ‘Tornado’.
Then you will know its importance if you are interested in giants and raids on an ongoing basis.