Grimmwood Forest - no chance to beat Red Hoot


another tip: I found Boril really helps with this event. Also a timestop or 2 cant hurt on that final level if you want.


No shame at all! I take bombs and arrows. I use all 5 arrows all at once on the lower bosses and then add a couple of bombs on the stronger bosses.

I like to weaken them before I even start attacking.

Battle items are simply a part of a winning strategy.


Thank you for the tips :grin:

That’s exactly how it is - sometimes I ask myself why I have so much bad luck and fail to beat a stage/enemy/titan. And on the next try I rush through that stage, defeat the enemy in PvP or hit the titan hard. It’s a puzzle and the game wants you to counter an enemy team - with the right tactics (and heroes) you can solve that puzzle.

On my second run on the final Grim Forest level I’ve beaten Red Hood. In the end it was pretty easy: I took out Wu Kong and put in Guardian Jackal :+1:


Also if you’re using kiril it’s a waste to bring dragon banners. One or the other only there are better items to use.


The Dragon Banners were for the times when Kiril was not ready :wink:


I would rather bring mana or bombs and axes to burst down bosses or waves if you get stuck.


This is exactly what I do. Weaken the bosses then attack. It seems to work pretty well as I don’t struggle to complete epic or legendary now.

Those mats are nice! I probably won’t ever get to high up but I may see what I can do sometime. It’s all about the team you pick.


Skipped many comments.

The team I used for Epic:
Jackal / Hansel / Kiril / Grimm / Wu

The team I used for Legendary:
Same as the above but I replaced Jackal with Alasie

Having Wu helps a lot. I just use mana pots for him to start gambling. Good color cascades finishes it up quite easily. And no, I’m not competing for rank. I just finish the quests and that’s it. :blush:


Finished Epic with:

Kiril 4/70

Chao 4/70

Tiburtus 4/70

Little John 4/70

Belith 3/50

5 bombs, 5 axes, 5 small and 5 medium mana potions.

Unfortunately I have no Dragon bombs yet and I dont think that the team is strong enough to finish legendary.

My TC 20 should get running end of next week and I really hope to see a Sonja, Cademon, Melendor or Sabina soon. :smile:


I have two profiles. The one with Wu Kong finished epic without much trouble. The second profile without him, I had to finally give up.

I was wasting too many precious battle items.

The right combination of heroes (and being lucky enough to have them), makes a big difference!


If you are talking about rare and epic I cant really agree.

In rare almost every team with Brienne, Belith and 3 other non red fully maxed 3* heroes plus 5 axes, 5 arrows and mana potions should do the trick.

In epic I did it with the team you can see above in the thread.

For legendery I am missing Dragon bombs and a 4* dispeller.

So yes for legendary you need a good 4* Team and advanced mats.

Unfortunately Wu Kong hasent joined my cause yet. ( after 7 month of playing ) sigh


I guess I am a weird one who completed rare and epic with a red. I have 2 profiles, and my one profile has only 5 4*… Hu Tao (4-43), Chao, Tiburtus, Cyprian, and Boldtusk (all 3-60). I completed epic level 10 pretty quickly with that team. With my other profile, I tried various combinations of Caedmon (2), Sonya, Chao, Cyprian, Wu Kong, Agwe, and Kashrek, all in various states of leveling, to no avail. I’m not quite sure where to go from here. =\


I just beat legendary. Took me a while as I didn’t flask and went through all three stages. Legendary 10 was the only one that I lost on. I believe it was due to one of my hitters dying in the first round (didn’t bring healing potions and board didn’t let me power my healers). Plus rumple went crazy with like 4 heals in a row.

I only have one 5* leveled high enough (maybe 2) but didn’t use them. Instead I used Kiril-Sonya-Cyprian-Grimm-Sabina. Yes, all 4* and one was not fully leveled (close. 4.63). I didn’t even go heavy items. Brought them but only used 3 bombs (to counter minions) and 7 1* antidote potions. All hmheroes survived with near full power.

Don’t give up. Strategize and play hard.


I finally got through epic! I tried what some others mentioned. Went in with everyone (Chao, 2 Caedmons. Kashrek, and Sonya) fully charged, hit them with bombs, axes, and arrows first, then targeted Red Hood. That didn’t take her out, but did take her most of the way down. Got lucky and sent 2 strings of blue tiles at her and took her out. The other 2 we’re pretty easy after that.


Just got to n finished legendary lvl 9 using sabrina max, master lepus 3/70, gadierus max, hansel 4/50 and kiril max. Gonna try lol 10 n a bit when I get more flags but I’m thinking sabrina, wu kong max, gadierus, hansel n kiril. Any thoughts?


I would double two colors or even go 3-2 but you would need more maxed heroes. And don’t you have any defense debuffer like Grimm or Tiburtus? Doubling with them would be nice.
I would go Kiril - Grimm (Lepus) - Tiburtus - Sabina - Hansel


Thx but I just beat lol 10 with sabina, lepus, boss wolf 3/70, hansel and kiril. Wasn’t easy! But wasn’t hard either. Lepus died but everyone else standing! Boss wolf’s counter plus mana buff with Hansel mana debuff together did the trick nicely! I did it b 4 I saw your post but thank you for the reply.


Nice! Don’t worry about it. Congratulations.


Epic tier is restricted to 3* items… so no dragon attacks… so you did not used them in intermediate…


Exactly, but they were talking about legendary above (read where they say they use Joon and alasie) so it’s meant to be an advice for legendary