Grimmwood Forest - no chance to beat Red Hoot


Tried various teams and weapons- red hoot survives everything- I am out of this, it’s not fun anymore. Just impossible to get beyond level 4, even at „advanced“, not even professional!! Really?!?? Congratulations, you win the first place in frustrating the hell out of players till they ultimatively give up.


what level are you at? She is a pain for sure but I managed to do it. Took a lot of time.

And no I do not have every hero maxed.

My team was
Grimm - max
Joon - 70
BT - max
Rigard - max
Caedmon - max

That is pretty much everything I have on my roster that could do it. I have Wu at 3-40 and thinking about using him later on but will need to be super careful.


u probably got a bad board. have battle items and spread them out and throw it at them. gems skills items gem skill items.


Level 10 is impossibel fore a normal 4* team. NO mening to play it… :frowning:


I am not there yet. I’ll probably tackle it tomorrow or tonight if I am lucky.

What is the HP on the bosses?


Don’t remember but its 3 of them… I Have good 4* team but NO chans, played about 20-25 min evry time. But they still have full power…
I have played The event before and level 10 is usally very hard but not impossibel like this one. I think u need several 4* max in blue in The team.
(sorry fore the english.)


Thanks for the info. I just got through stage 7 myself. (Gretal and Rumple)

Thus far Red Hood has been the toughest for me.

The last event I got to 10 and got stuck. Hoping I can pull it out this time. May have to give it a couple go’s. I may even try Wu (3/43) to see if I can get lucky. But I will need to protect him. Those little dudes hit pretty hard.

Raiding my Dream Team - Red Hood, Hel, Guinevere, Zeline and Alasie, ... what's yours?

All stages are kindergarten compared to legendary level 10. I have 4 4/70 and one 4/40 hero but the stage is impossible. Maybe with Wu and better heroes you stand a chance but with my team I see no light. Only chance would be high 4* battle items but I dont have them sadly


This is what I will try with and possibly throw Wu in there for BT. But then I need to bring some health potions with Arrows, axes, bombs…

We will see


This team looks promising. You need many battle items but you could get the job done. Mine is:
Max: BT, Grimm,Tib,Melendor
4/40: Rigard

I lack hitters so i cant finish the fox lady:/


I am hoping I can get through with the hitters. I will prob try and leave her for last depending.

Ghost a lot of tiles and snipe her dead. That would be the plan.


On Legendary the dragon attacks and time stops can be the difference between winning and losing. I tend to prefer the dragon attacks for max nukage (axes/bombs/dragon attack) plus large mana pots and a quicker win.


I completed all three levels. Only had one 5* hero. Alasie. And she’s not maxed at tier three yet. Make sure your heroes mana is maxed before the 3rd round of the level. Fire off all the heroes, arrows, axes, bombs and dragon attacks. Depending on rare, legendary or epic.


Oh hell yeah I did it. It took me 9 tries, well over 40 bombs, axes, arrows and so on… but i fkn did it!

Since I have no Dragonattacks just 1 Timestop left i brought bombs, axes,arrows and 1 Timestop.

Before I entered last stage a mana up all heroes and create at least 2 Diamonds. Then I went to bossstage. I fire all items and my specials then Timestop and then the Diamonds which resulted in full mana on nuker and after a few more hits I could take out rumpel and redhood. Bosswolf alone is easy after all of that.

GL the rest of you. I was close to giving up but in the end that one timestop I had did the job :slight_smile:


Awesome! Congrats.

I am trying to power level Wu to 70 (currently at 4-43).

I usually take axes, arrows, bombs (need to make some). Then I’ll figure something out (no timestop). Usually try and have everyone locked and loaded going in.


Cmon guys don’t give up! Spend items and be happy!

Bosses have around 5600-6000 HP

5x dragon attacks = 2000
5x bombs = 1500
5x axes = 1000
5x arrows = 500

That’s already 5000 HP from each boss!

Just ghost tiles on the monsters before and get to final battle with all specials full!
Throw all items at them, and fire all attack specials.
That should leave you with around 400HP from each to take!! Almost dead! And without a single tile!
Then aim for healers first and defeat wolf last. I swear I did it in intermediate in FIFTEEN seconds (boss battle, I took my time at the first rounds to fill all up).
Go try it and be happy after.


I don’t have the dragon attacks so I will have a bit more work to do but definitely doable. Just gotta play smart.


Then take mana potions! Use Grimm, take their defense and power up again and fire again your hardest hitters! They will be already with low defense


That is the plan. I am trying to get Wu up to between 4-50 and 4-60 by tomorrow. He is at 4-44 now.

I won’t have a ton of time during the weekend so tomorrow I am trying to finish. Stages 9 and 10 left in legendary. Epic completed.

Thanks for the tip!


Sorry you’re right! Dragon attacks can only be taken in advanced tier. That’s where I did 15secs because of Magni and Sartana hitting