GrimmForest summon (for Hansel, longshot Red Hood) if already have Peters


Chao specializes in offensive teams, specifically raid and war offensive teams. Gretel specializes in event quests and titans. I like to choose chao when I need a little more survivability vs. another mana controller (I also have hansel).

Gretel’s mana control is fantastic, keeping the most dangerous specials at bay, but she hits like a kitten and her average mana in a pvp battle means it’s easier for her to be killed before charging up.

Chao has fast mana and hits much harder, often taking down other 4* heroes that are at half health. He synergizes very well with hansel, giving his buddy hansel a little extra time to recharge and target a second opponent. I often target chao at an opponent with half health and full mana. When he doesn’t take them completely down they still can’t fire and it gives me a chance to finish them with tiles.

Hansel was my first green 4* and I absolutely love him. I don’t know how i’ll be able to choose between him and lianna when I finally get that last tonic.


Ha I’m in the same boat. Just pulled Hansel but have a 3-60 Peters already. I’m going to stick with Peters while I level Hansel but fully intend on switching when hes ready. Peters will be a solid B team member.

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They don’t let you make your own topics at first. I don’t know if it’s time or number of posts that opens it up, but it will open up.


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