GrimmForest summon (for Hansel, longshot Red Hood) if already have Peters

I am torn whether to do a Grimmforest summon - there are Hansel and Gretel for mana control but i already have same colour Peters and Chao who do about the same…

Hansel is much better than peters, gretel is much better than chao.


Hansel & Gretel are better and are the best Green and Yellow 4* heroes for raid and war attacks, they will be useful for every (non reflecting) rare titan, for every weak color titan and are discrete on raid defense.


Hansel is the best green 4* I believe. I have gone from 2100 to 2500 cups on average simply by adding him on offense. Gretel is great as well, but that average speed hurts a bit for raids. For events and titans, she still works well.

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Hansel is by far the best 4*
I have most 5* core hero’s and I still use Hansel in atk teams.
Gretel is one of the best 4* holy hero’s. Arguably li xui is decent too but chao is hot garbage compared to gretel.
I’d try for Hansel and if u get red hood great if not it can take a lot of pulls to get her.

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I have Hansel and Gretel and I will be pulling to get more of them to level up for war teams.

These two don’t just control mana. If you can get the target’s mana is full, there’s an automatic 21% damage and 50% mana reduction. If you do this three three times before special wears out, that hero’s history.


Gretel’s tile damage is 100 points higher than Chao’s, making her more useful than him against titans. Make no mistake, tiles, not specials, kill titans.

I stand corrected - thanks all the guys who showed me the righteous path :slight_smile:

I have Hansel and I actually use him fairly regularly throughout a week. Highly recommend him - not that you have the choice lol - you may get lucky!!! I picked up 3 last round and have saved them all as I would ascend another…

@JoyDivision I’d say to go with Hansel, I have a 5* Defense team, but Hansel is one of the 4* characters I use in my Offense team. He hits, reduces the life of the enemy and receives extra defense from himself. Cabin Boy Peters hits the enemy, and silences them. Except, both can be removed. So, it’s in the matter of how you use which one, but for the sake of combos, Hansel is the way to go; so the specific enemy’s life will reduce faster.

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issit better to pair gregorian w hansel or melendor? my others are kiril, marjana & merlin.

I never bring more than one healer on offense, so I’d pair Greg with Hansel unless you need Melendor’s debuff.

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On the question of Hansel vs Peters, Hansel wins hands-down except in one use case: Captain Kestrel.

Peters allows the target to stay at full mana, so normally that’s a bad thing: as soon as his effect expires, the target will cast. With Hansel (or Gretel or Merlin), the effect steals mana, delaying a subsequent cast.

With Kestrel this can work against you. Kestrel’s special hits (much) harder depending on the mana fill level. Peters tees up a foe for extra pain from his Captain, so these two work remarkably well together. Otherwise, I’d choose Hansel over Peters any day.

Which is not to knock Peters, who is still a solid A 4*. Hansel is just better.

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Not only is the tile damage better between gretel and chao but her mana control ability is far superior. Chao on offense isn’t very good I think because you can use his special to reduce a heroes mana by 25% but they just gain it back immediately anyways after a couple tiles. Gretel actually impedes the mana progress, and if they DO get full mana again she punished them with further damage, and another reduction.

This effect is very noticeable on titans. Hit a titan with chao and titan loses a bit of mana, then you make a tile move and titan mana is full again anyways. This is why I don’t know why people say chao is great on offense but not great on defense. His ability seems to be much better as a defensive ability.

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