Grimmforest event summons

I was trying for Red.

I did three pulls and got Colen, Renfeld, and Gretel. I would of prefered her brother since I dont have any hard hitting spiker nature heroes but Im still happy to have her.

Event summons are fine by me. Odds of getting a legendary hero is low anyway, wanting to get a specific one like an event hero brings your odds of getting “lucky” even lower so of course have reasonable expectations. Even if you dont get an event hero that you wanted, the odds of getting legendary heroes is increased to be more than a regular epic summon so i think it’s worth it to try, Im pretty sure my first legendary, Viv, was from my first event single pull

Just done 4 pulls in season summon and got victor and valeria, lol event summons don’t go my way

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Shall I begin for this round?

I was saving gems from offers for 30 pulls, and in my first 10x I got Hansel and Frida (the rest 3 star food, including 2 Renfelda for my hungry Kunchen).

Well quite disappointed because what will I do now with all the surplus gems? :smiley: Hansel and Frida was exactly what I needed. Having pulled Ariel last Atlantis in my 30x I can really say my luck is back. Not going to try for Red Hood, especially that I have already few 5 star reds on bench and not really need her. Wolf and Gretel are meh.

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10 pull for Rumpel and Red Hood. I’m done until guardians


I pulled 5x single pulls. Got Hansel on the first one. Kept going trying to get Frida. Got 4 3*.

Overall I am happy I got Hansel.

I shall try again for Frida during Atlantis.


Ice was my weakest until a second ago. Had never done a grimmforest summon either so awesome. :blush:

image image


5 Pulls - 4x regular 3 star heroes, 1x 4 star Boril , no event hero. No 5 star hero yet…3 Months now counting…

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I’m debating whether I should do a 10x pull here. or use it for something else. I’d go down to 11 gems if I do it - I have 2611 now.

I am basically a free player now, I had VIP when I needed it for the 2nd builder. Since one can get seasonal heroes with Epic hero summons, I think it has to b either one of these events or Atlantis.

Is this one that has good heroes, relative to the others?

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Red Hood and Hansel are both solid. Gretal is decent. Rumple and Boss Wolf are ok.

I think I would suggest waiting till Atlantis to have a chance at 3 HOTM (2 past and Frida) and the Atlantis 5*'s.

I have both Hansel and Gretal, this may be the last time I pull for this event. Red Hood would be nice but I don’t make enough pulls to try. I would have stopped after I got Hansel first try but I want Frida and will buy the cheap offers before Atlantis and try again.


Atlantis ten pull is 3000 gems though so maybe out of reach this month for our friend

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Thanks for the replies. Atlantis would likely be out of reach this month. I’ve saved up for a 10x pull there in the past, and gotten okay heroes, plus the awesome Proteus.

I have a day or two to decide, will report back if I decide to pull here.

Would be great to get red hood

FIRST invocation of the day, i did only one for now.
I was surprised of the result

im happy :). My first event hero. After 1 year of play

Heroes that are worth taking in this event: Hansel, Gretel, Red hood. The two other 5* are terrible.


Had two pulls. Got Gan Ju and Marjana (second 5-star, so I’m not complaining!)


Had 300 gems, got Azar, yuck… Right color but she’s missing a "l’’ in her name and she is not a lion with a bodybuilder body…


Had 1 summon got: Jahangir!
Expensive food :joy:


Did one 10 pull. Got Hansel and 9 feeders😂

Two 10x: 18 random 3*, dupe Sabina, Skittle whom I didn’t have and didn’t want. Ah well, that’s how it goes. My husband did two 10x too; Hansel, Gretel, dupes of the ramming pulverizer trio, Wu, Rigard and Sabina. At least one with luck in the family.

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10 pull yielded my first and only Frida!!!

Now if we don’t get the daddy daughter Poseidon Ariel Atlantis combo I’m hoarding gems for Guardians and Jackal to complete the elemental defense down heroes.


Did 8 pulls (yeah probably should have just done a 10-pull lol) and got kadilen (I’m weak on greens so am very happy!)! The rest were duplicate 3 and 4*s. Doing no more this time round as I’m saving for Atlantis :slight_smile:


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