Grimmforest event summons

How did people do with the event summons,
I personally felt shafted, i gullibility did servaral 10 x summons and several single event summons, best I got was a 4* Hansel, was hoping to get a red, boss or rumplestiulgan but alas my efforts were only rewarded with a bonus summon ,
Don’t think I will bother with event summons again , cost is to high to get regular heroes,
Whats other peoples thoughts on events summons.


I did a 41 pulls & did get Red Hood. So many tries but she’s worth it

I only 6x pulls and get red hood, hansel, sonya, oberon 2, prisca :slight_smile:


Lol, its worse than lotto for me gee’s wayne .
I would have done close to a hundred pulls ,

Don’t sad because grimforest event will comeback again :slight_smile:

Hansel is the best 4* green, many people are jealous you’re so lucky to pull Hansel after only a few 10x


well :stuck_out_tongue: i just have to brag about it :smiley:


Got Hansel in my second (and last) 10x, and he was the hero I was after (badly needed a good green hero). So I am not disappointed. The odds are now posted, so you should know that getting a 5* (or even worse aspecific 5*) are quite low, so there are no guarantees of getting what you want.

14 pulls gretel & 2 hansels , rest normal game 3*s

In the first Grimm Forest Event. My wife pulled 7 hansels and 6 gretels. And i pulled 6 hansels und 6 gretels.

Both of us hold 2 gretel and 3 hansels to ascend. The other hansels and gretels we fed to others heroes.

Now, After a couple of months, we are unhappy that we fed them to other heroes. Because in wars you Need six Teams. And in every Team one hansel would be Great. Cause he is Really awesome. ■■■■ happens :slight_smile:


I did 70 pulls, I got Hansel and Gretel along with 3 Aegirs.

I did 1 10 pull. Only wanted Hansel because I want to pull on Halloween event and possibly Atlantis. Got Hansel and Rumps. I was happy

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I did about 10 pulls, pretty sporadic and impulsive. I did luck into both Red Hood and Hansel. :slight_smile: I seem to recall getting another 4* some “new to me” 3* and some 3* feeders. So far, I ultimately have no complaints about the random generation on pulls…

…though I am a proud member of the “So what do I do with all of these Gunnars?” club.

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I did 20 pulls, got 2 hansels and 1 gretel. Last time I think I did about 20 pulls and got a gretel and a rumplestiltskin. I’m psyched to add Hansel to my roster, he’s so hot right now :wink:

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I did a 10 pull and didn’t get any event heros

And last hero nasgar. Meh.
I won’t be doing 10 pulls for a while. If i get any gold tokens, i am gonna save them for the next event, but it’s been over a month since ive gotten any!!

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I started this game the last time this event was around before I put cash into it. W gems and only 1 pull I got Hansel whom I’ve used ever since even after I had several other 5* that I could take his place.

This time I did about 23 pulls. I got red and rumple think vivica too… and a bunch of 3-4 stars I probably ate. No gretel or duplicate hansels but I consider myself lucky with those 2 event 5*

Now to blow all my gems on Halloween and try for the event 5* I probably won’t get but another 3-4* is nice too. I’m guessing I’ll do 2x10 pulls on that and maybe a single pull if I have any gems left.

I’m getting to the point I’m saturated in the original core hero’s… at this point all i want is magni/illiana.

Wanted hansel. Did a ten pull and a few singles.

Got gretel and a few regular fours. Didn’t have little John or gormek before so it coulda been a lot worse as I’m sure it was for some. Didn’t have gretel either.

A few in my alliance had better luck but that’s how it goes I guess

Similar outcome! They throw all of these 5* ones in your face and you reckon in 20 pulls at least one will drop.

Did a 10x pull and got Hansel, Scarlett, Kashhrek, Li Xiu, and a 2nd Kiril. Not bad.

Did two 10x pulls with the hopes of getting Hansel, or Gretel, since I dig them. Didnt get either but got Red Hood half way through the second 10 pull. Stopped there since I figured I used up enough luck.

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