Grimmforest Challenge event-Thoughts, Comments,Dissertations?


What has everyone’s experience been so far for the event?


Fairly typical event for me, since I knew what to expect. Should place out of the lowest tier in rare and epic without replaying. Was up there in legendary too when I last looked, but I don’t expect to stay there as everyone competes for places.
Had a bit of fun managing to complete the first stage of legendary using the Rare level limits (3* heroes, 2* troops and items), but couldn’t beat the second stage that way.


Struggled with rare because I had no healer. Epic was fairly easy and I’m picking at legendary but probably can’t finish it.


I’ll be writing my dissertation on challenge events in this upcoming year as a case study of how games that prrofit solely from micro-transactions use periodic but short-term events to bolster player enthusiasm while maintaining the urge to buy on impulse.


Good question. I played once though it and had to repeat 3-4 maps on each level to reach 6 world enery flasks and one epic token. This is the fun part. Trying to go futher is senseless, so the rest is farming. I don’t know any other game that offers such great play while placing a reward system that demotivates players like me from having more fun. And I do not like that stupid bombing gave me more points than good play. But that are my only points and the event is overall very nice esp. since you have to take care of bosses healing (if you have no access to 5* heroes and good items like me in the last Grimforest event).

Looking forward to the next event.


Spend a lot and get a hansel… I didnt even want a event hero, because my focus is on aegir guin jackle and falcon. But i tried to get a regular vivicia or joon or magni. (i need good yellow and blue).

But dang i got 5 x 5 star dark heros now. I can make a circus of dark heroes 4 and 5 star…

And no its not boss wolf. 2 quintus 2 obakan and 1 aeron over the past year


ROFL :joy:

I did the usual: bagged the completion rewards in epic and legendary, smiled, and went on with my life :blush:

Oh, and did a 10 pull during the event, just for the heck of it, got Lianna - and did a little happy dance, because I did not have her yet. :blush:

Nice event for me :hugs:


I just want to be sure that you understand that Guinevere, Jackal and Falcon are all event heroes from other events? They weren’t available this past weekend.


I feel cheated, disappointed and upset.

This was the first challenge event that I felt I had a chance to complete at the legendary level. I had been slowly working my way through the legendary challenges. After failing one of the later (but not the last) challenges because I couldn’t outdamage the combined heals of Red Hood’s minions and Rumpelstiltskin, I temporarily stopped, wanting to allow myself the maximum amount of time to level my heroes. With a few minutes left in the event I had leveled all the troops and heroes I could and jumped into the last stage. Twelve hard fought minutes later I finished off the triple bosses, eager to collect my reward. The battle summary came up showing I had earned no points for that stage. “That’s weird,” I thought, but briefly considered that maybe there weren’t any points awarded for the last stage. Then the event board came up and everything was grayed out. The event had ended while I was inside and I wasn’t getting credit for what I had just done.

That is just absolutely broken design. If there’s time to start a stage then whatever happens inside that stage should count. I feel I was cheated out of the completion rewards, and all the world energy and battle items used after the first stage.


Final Red Hood was immortal
I didnt finish the advanced stage. .
Happy To get 2 flasks. Saved for atlantis stages


I struggled with Legendary, however I did manage to finish it.

With Epic, I really improved on my score and got to 286th at one point - ending at 743.

With each event I’ve noticed that I’m getting better scores, no doubt due to having a deeper bench and understanding the mechanics of the game more. I try to better my score/rank with each one.

Did a 10 pull and got Hansel.


I had some issues with this event, especially picking the right team for some stages (like stage 6 or 8).

That green hansel confused me quite a lot @_@


As i said i didn’t even want an Hero from THIS Event. I wanted vivica or magni


Hey everyone thank you so much for your responses and sharing your thoughts and experiences. As far as my experience the main thing I want to mention is that it seemed to me the tiles did a lot less damage than in the other events. I don’t know if it was just me or what but I had troops leveled up and stacks of different colors of heroes and the damage was nothing compared to previous events. Did anyone else experience anything like this? I know I’ve experienced this with the titan battles but not during any event. I wonder if indeed this might be the case for the upcoming Halloween and Morlovia events?


@MrsBCW would you be willing to share some of what you did to improve your heroes or your strategy to get the score you did on the epic level? I’ve been trying to improve my heroes and troops as well as stack colors of heroes- trying anything I can think of to improve my score and can’t get upwards of 3000 even wth fully ascended and leveled heroes!


I used 4 star heroes for the legendary event. 4 were max level - Little John, Skittleskull, Grimm and Chao. Kiril was 3 60. I used minor health pots, minor Mana pots, Mana pots and super Mana pots. I used the health pots for healing during the minion waves and used the Mana pots to charge Little John and Chao as needed and killed from right to left, Rumplestiltskin, Red Hood then Boss Wolf. 12 minutes later and no boss ever fired a single special skill once.


Wow, this is quite different to what I did but nice job.

Red Hood is a pain if not managed.


I used 4* heroes as well and zero were maxed. Caedmon, Rigard, Merlin, Grimm, and Kiril. Brought bombs, axes, minor mana, and a miracle scroll (but didn’t need it).


@Wharflord be sure to post a digital copy when its done! Sounds like an interesting subject to hash out! :slight_smile:


happened to me last event because i was working a lot that weekend and didnt have time to mess with event until the last hour it was up. i ran through and beat leagendary, then ran through epic, started last stage with 3 minutes left in event, finished last stage at in 2 minutes 50 seconds, got scored and score was even good enough to get me into next score tier, but didnt get completion rewards.

Contacted devs, they said tough luck rules are rules. not in those exact words but in a brief summarized version, and this was of course after the back and forth for them to even understand what i was talking about lol. But yes i kinda feel the same way that if you start the level before time ends then your score should be counted along with completion as well.

I think of sports in that aspect, if an nfl team is in the middle of an ongoing play and the clock hits zero, the refs dont let them finish it out then say “sorry clock hit 0 before the reciever caught that winning touchdown pass, it doesn’t count”.(nfl and e&p have no relation at all but closest comparison i could think of for this situation)