Grimm, Triton or Kiril?

Hey. I do not know who to focus on now. It’s my team 1.:

I have Willbur, but he does not cooperate with others. I have Sonya to a maximum. The main target is titan and a war attack. I have Alberich, so the Triton can work with him well. I’m thinking about triton and kiril. And who are you putting on?

Kiril as a healer with attack boost or triton either way both are good hero’s.
I would personally do Kiril first

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Grimm 100%. I would do Grimm for Titans/raid offense/wars. His -34% defense for 6 turns is great. He is a beast and hits like a tank. Against red titians I feel Grimm will be your best bet. Oh did I say he also hits like a tank, so doubling him up with other blues against red tanks during war/raids is amazing.

Grimm because of his defense debuff against Titans;-)

I would do Kiril first for titans. He is a healer, and he gives you an attack buf.

Grimm is a defense debuff, but so is Wilbur, and you have him already, so in your case I’d do him second. (And if you get Tiburtus, he is good too)

Triton looks good and worth leveling and ascending, but I would do those others first.

I’ve got Triton but haven’t got to leveling and testing him yet; my opinion might change after that, but probably only for map levels and raids, not for titans.

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Grimm, Kiril, Triton.


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You need both Kiril and Grimm before Triton. Which you do first is a bit of a toss up…no bad decision. I get the most use out of Kiril out of the 3 so I would lean towards him first.

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I only have one maxed 4star, and its Grimm. I Take out ppl with 400-800 trophies more than me with my team power of around 3000.

All I can say is I use Kiril on my raid teams against opponents of +4000 and their red tanks. My team power is +4100. Additionally. I have levelled 2 more Kirils as they are invaluable in AW. Again, not to say Grimm is bad…far from it! He is great. I just don’t use him nearly as often.

I see that Grimm is your favorite, but Willbur gives more than Grimm. ( -44% defense for enemies and +63% defense for alies.) So I will not give up Willbur. I will start with Kiril because I do not have anyone who increases the attack. Thank you all for your answers :slight_smile:

Grimm. hands down. -34% defense for 6 turns will give way more titan damage than kirils small attack buff for 3.

Defense debuff is the most critical basic titan special not counting wu or 5s.

You should do Grimm then Kiril then Triton. That’s what i would do (and have done)

For Titans, and Titans only, Grimm is the choice. Agreed. For AW and PvP, I would take Kiril any day.

for someone building up their team, increasing to higher level titans will get them the most ascension items per month and he best way to do that is grimm over kiril.

The ramming pulverized brothers (grimm tibs sms gormek) are also very good in aw attacks, particularly during the heal wars.

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Do you see that he already has Wilbur whose defense debuff is larger than Grimm’s? (And can’t miss when Wu is active either)

no but i’d still do grimm. Kiril is great raiding but only goodish on titans.

Sooner or later you ll acend the 3. I had the Same dilema and now i have 2 kiril, 2 grims and 1 triton all full ascended.
I think grimm is more usefull, or not… Any choice is good.

I agree with the others at least on Triton.
A good hero, but he can wait the other two.

I personally would do Kiril because i really like him (both skills and character), but i don’t see really a great difference.

Do Kiril if Alberich is not enough for rare quests.
Do Grimm if you prefer increase damage on titans (at least reds)

Kiril associé à triton est incroyable. Tu attends de déclencher triton et le boost de guérison de kiril te remets en première ligne.


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