Grimm things about E&P noticed after 4 months of playing

I suggest you to not give up turnaments. Even the rewards are not awesome anytime, they can help you to finish tournaments faster, and i got some really nice awards for completing tournaments.


I atached a picture of my hero roster after 4 months of completly free to play, lot of grind ofc,

It makes a difference, but, yes, sure, an experienced player can place 1- 5% without emblemed 3* heroes, due to successful offense. The difference will be shown on defense, where those with heavily emblemed teams will 100% get better scores.

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Two gloves are 2 times more than one compass over 5 months. You don’t get it and can imagine you don’t see the difference i.e. between 1000$ and 2000$, over 5 months :slight_smile:

My point is, you can get only get only 7 compasses and 9 gloves in 10 months for completing all Rare Quests and epic Challenge Events - that gives astonishing 0.7 4 hero ascension materials per month*. So in one calendar year you can ascend 8 four star heroes from knowns sources and the rest is RNG. Do you think that is a slow or fast pace?

I have at least four fully ascended 3* heroes of each color, I stack a lot (4:1, 3:2, 3:1:1) and can go mono in red, blue and green. But it isn’t enough. When you face fully emblemed team and get bad board it’s over because every single of their slash atacks takes 200 hp and the tank can fire twice before you can get close to get rid of him. Usually in that scenario my team get wiped out in 7-8 turns.

When I get good or slightly mediocre board I can win it, but I am openly disgusted by how the shift in matchmaking is made. One day you get opponents with similar level to yours. And the second day you get +400 TP bulky teams with maxed special abilities - with no intermediate states.

Your TC20 will surely deliver soon. I’ve had pulled more legendaries from TC20 in the first 6 months compared to the small fortune spent on summons during my P2W time. I will consider closing 1 of my TC20 once Joon or Elena turn up.

As for the ascension mats, completing an elemental monster chest usually guarantee a 3 * mats. Once in a blue moon, those 4 * mats and gold tokens will appear on any titan and monster chest on random basis. Also, from completing in events…

There are many shortcoming on E&P but we just have to live with it.
After all, it’s just a game and game is suppose to be enjoyed. Try to lower the expectation for more satisfaction.


After only 19 times you can say chest will never give 4* mat?
Althoug I agree titan chests should give better revards.

Mostly wrong.
What you noticed is correct but the explenation is, when you move a tile the computer calculates the results ( including combos ) a lot faster than it can be shown.
After all consequences of your moved tile have been implemented the computer waits for your next move.

Mostly wrong.
Correct so far it would be easy to manipulated.

Why should day?

It would have the potential to completely ruin their “golden cow”!

Keep on your research. If you are at summons 1000 you might see a tendency.
To save you all the work on your potential conpiracy theorie please locate the TC20 result thread an read it. :smile:

Wrong completely

When you will get “fully loaded” opponents depends on where your starting point is, depending of your strongest possible defense team and how good you preform!
Of cource you will meet stronger and stronger opponents the more you win!!!
Whats unfair about that?

I regurarely place in top 1% - 5% with almost unemblemed 3* teams. I node/hero.
So yes…playingskill mathers!!!
Although I have to say that in roughly 2/3 of the tournaments I spend 75 gems. :smile:

  1. Wrong
    Do you really think 1 compass/gloves a month makes a difference?
    Amusingly you will find two threads in this forum.
    a) Not enough compasses
    b) Not enough gloves

So no the challenge event priceing does not make the difference!

This game was not easy for a new player from the start.
So I dont think it is SG that has to change, it is the player who has to bring the patience and dedication to the game to become a veteran!!!

Wish you lots of fun with the game and hope you will bring the patience and dedication to become a veteran.

A lot of what was said at the beginning of this thread has been on my mind, because I have noticed some of what you are talking about.

Some of the RNG doesn’t seem like RNG at all. When fighting Ursena, you can tell when she fires which heroes are going to get killed by the remaining enemies slash attacks. When you start a cascade, you can check to see if it will be successful before it’s complete.

Another thing that I’ve also noticed are the hero summons. I started paying for pulls and the pulls were great towards the beginning, until they weren’t. So I stopped paying and started receiving these “come back and spend money” deals. I didn’t buy them, but instead allowed VIP gems to accumulate. Once I had enough for a ten pull, I summon wonderland and boom Qoh and a dupe vanilla 5* (Sartana or Domitia). I’ve noticed this pattern before and I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or if there’s something to it.

It must be noted that I recently got my mom into this game and have noticed that her account has been doing something similar. She recently started buying the small deals (less than $10) and her summons have been out of control. During Atlantis, she pulls Ariel on a single pull and during Valhalla she pulled Tyr on a single pull (both with their respective coins) afterwards, for both events, she asked me if she should buy more gems to do more pulls. Of course I said no, stop while you’re ahead.

This is all circumstantial of course without someone to datamine the game, we won’t know for sure, but I don’t think this game has as much RNG as we believe. The boards are already set when we hit play, they aren’t generated as the match transpires.


True, but it’s two-edged sword. A clean up in some form is necessary, but what about people who decided to quit, and after a year they want to come back due to new features etc.? What if they spent money - we force them to spend again? Their fault you can say, but all things considered, if it doesn’t cause much harm now, why risking causing trouble.

Better get used to the disappointment. Titan chests suck, that’s right, but wait till you discover the full beauty of War Chests, chaining 1% in Raid Tournaments, 14* rare titans loot etc. It is what it is. The loot is pathetic for everyone. We still progress though.

Well, I wouldn’t see much difference if it worked the other way. One way or another you do not know what are the lines below, so it doesn’t matter it’s organized upfront (rng is there, just different place)

It’s this way in many “loot box” games. I saw some countries even enforce some gaming companies to make it visible for the player what is in the next loot box they purchase. But, until you know it, it doesn’t matter if it is predetermined or not. Whether it works this way in E&P or not… hard to tell. It’s fate vs free will discussion all over again.

The way they are organized clearly leans towards players who are willing to pay these 75 gems for continue, unfortunately. The stronger your teams are the stronger enemies you will get to fight. I too feel the extra points you get for difficulty do not compensate enough for the risk of losing match. There are greater issues with the tournament in my opinion, biggest one being it RNG lottery for 5* tournaments - where board decides the outcome. Take rush tournament with all those Mother Norths, Ursenas, now Telluria. It’s - get a combo that destroy tank in a first move or lose.

I see no issues there, they worked far worse before the changes imho. The only thing they could add is an extra 4* Mat to get as a guaranteed reward. With all those new heroes mats are scarce, and it would be nice tipping for completing the legendary ladder.

IMHO the biggest grim issue with the game right now is that the matches are too short and are being decided in first few moves only. A lot of heroes are made useless because of that, RNG of the board is too much of a factor, color stacking becomes the only way to play this game which makes it repetitive and ‘hit or miss’.


SO much good stuff in your post.

This is just asinine. Your “Grimm” assessment of the game? Over 5 months worth of challenge events, you get one more gloves than compass if you are only completing Epic difficulty only? You haven’t even played 5 months yet! Pre-complaining? $1,000 vs $2,000? Ok.

You are absolutely correct in this assumption. The simple reason is because computer games use something called pRNG (pseudo RNG) algorithm, which only appears random but is actually deterministic. If you want to read up more on the difference betwen pRNG and RNG, read this following article. :slight_smile:


avoiding replying to the OP because I will get flagged… the real gem in this thread is here…


Everything u said is noticeable and true but most people won’t accept that I dont know why. I keep playing at my own risk but because of that I’ve stopped buying vips and anything. My few dollars wont be missed but at least they’re still with me.

Specially about boards and titan chests.

But anyway well if u not enjoying it just desintall and play something better for your mental health :heart:

  1. inactive players arent in the raid matching. and if somehow there is one still in your WT, when you try to attack him, it says they got raid shield on, which is bollocks since months of raid shield is worth a lot!
  2. wrong! I often get 3 and 4 star ascension items. besides, juicy titan loot is in when you beat high level titans, not fill the chest. where did people like you even get this idea that titan chest should be something extraodinary, when you can fill it easily with 1* titans?
  3. 7x1000 board? what a stupid idea. you realize that very often you have multiple options on the board? does it generate a board for every possible choice you can make? :roll_eyes:
    stopped reading after this, since looks like it is more of the same inanity like this :man_facepalming:

Because of the Data which disproved it



Zombies have no effect on the gameplay. If they are on an outdated version of the game you cannot attack them. If they are recent zombies they will bee attacked and lose cups (without revenging) until the next version. I doubt many zombies are ranked globally.

Titan chest is just a little bonus for fighting titans. The better loot is in the individual titan kills, especially for higher * ones. If titan chest loot irritates you then EVERY chest loot should irritate you. Plus, getting guaranteed 3* and 4* from every titan chest would encourage more and more 1-player alliances.

First off, the game does not know what moves you are going to make so it can’t pre-generate the 7x1000 boards in advance. If there are multiple matches available on the starting board the game doesn’t know which one you are going to make so the next stage board is unknown. It is possible that the stream of replacement gems is already pre-generated but that is different and is still driven by §RNG.

Second, the game calculates results of hits immediately and then runs through the animation for your enjoyment. For instance, Gregorion has a fast-finishing animation and Marjana’s is comparatively slow (like more than a second). I can fire Marjana, then Gregorion at the same opponent. If Marjana’s is enough to kill that opponent Gregorion’s is diverted to another and actually finishes attacking the other opponent before Marjana’s finishes and kills the first. If the game waited until the animation was finished to calculate the results then Greg would be firing at empty air.

This is just conspiracy theory stuff. 70 draws is not a significant data set. Also draws from where? Odds change depending on portal used.

Do you mean starting matchings or matchings later on as you are winning and being matched to harder opponents? Neither one is “unfair” in my experience. If you can’t defeat progressively stronger opponents then you are missing the point of a tournament.

I’m not clear on what the complaint is here. Are you getting too many gloves now? Yet earlier you wanted more gloves and compasses.

I get most of my gloves/compasses from non-challenge event loot (chests even titan / titans / war / Mystic Vision). For me the challenge events are more important for the 4* mats.

But as I said above the game is a slow progression (and that is why I personally enjoy it). Grind away or find another more entertaining game for you if it is too slow for your liking.

Older players have gone through exactly what you are going through. The oldest (more than two years) even worse as there were far fewer ways to get the mats back then.


Please link to the data. It’s never been posted.

Attack the idea, not the player. If you’re going to call someone a liar, you better be prepared to back it up with more than anecdotal evidence and conspiracy theories. Present a robust dataset.

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