Grimm things about E&P noticed after 4 months of playing

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, but I’ve been reading the forum for a while. I have some thoughts and observations about the game and elements which could be improved to make it more user friendly.

  1. Zombies, zombies everywhere There is a lot of dead accounts in the game with months of no activity (with outdated game version too I surmise) and yet they are still ranked in global ranking. I think there should be a mechanism to strip of cups of these zombies after certain amount of time to make it real.

  2. After filling Titan Chest 19 times (95 titans killed in alliances) I clearly don’t understand why it is even here. It takes week or so to fill it and it does not give any 3* and 4* mats. Clearly, for players sake it should be removed, this kind of loot only iritates people.

  3. There is no RNG involved in live-generation of tiles (in raids, on map levels etc.). The whole board (7x1000 or so matrix) is generated upfront. So the boards are good, mediocre or bad from the start and there is nothing you can do about it. It is easy to spot. After starting a combo just put your finger on enemy and check if he dies. Once I tapped one, lets call her full-health Onatel and to my suprise she had 0 HP, but it took about 11 more combos to take her out - but the game knew that instantly when I matched the first 3 tiles. The only thing is, we don’t see beyond 7x5 matrix and the game does and it calculates really fast.

  4. This is only a speculation but I’m leaning to a theory that for simplicity summons too are not a live RNG stuff and every player has its own ‘storyline’ with predefined (RNG generated) queue of heroes to draw, i.e. with HOTM on draws #23 and #30.
    Someone could just say - just watch, there are odds 1.5%, 25% and… Y’all should know that the odds are there because it’s the law. And odds my friends can be easily manipulated (and this is not a speculation) on the fly on the server side. I can only bring to your attention the example of Angry Birds 2 which I was playing for almost two years. On the day preceding start of a new hat event (unanounced - that’s important) the odds of getting pig (normally 25%, 1 in 4 cards) were manipulated. You could ask how? Because it didn’t matter which one of four cards you chose, it was decided beforehand what you will get - a pig or a prize. Thanks to that, every single time I was able to predict the start of a new event one day before.

And as for my E&P storyline so far, I am on a dead end of the Bell Curve.
Out of approximately 70 draws I get so far:

  • one 5* - 1.4%
  • eight 4* - 11.5% (two times lower than advertised) :slight_smile:

Theoretically, a ‘storyline’ can be a subject of change depending of your current ‘play-style’ (F2P, C2P or P2W). So, after buying VIP pass for the last 3 months I will investigate that by becoming strictly F2P.

  1. Weekly Raid Tournament matchings are not optimistic and fair. Remember last week 3* Bloody Battle? I’m beginner but I have a pretty decent unembled 3* teams which let me get into first 1% after two days while fighting max +150 TP teams. But this apparently came with the price. On the third day four out of five teams E&P served me were fully emblemed +20 teams, so I became a war meat and fallen out to top 25% by Saturday.

If this was not enough. Remember this week 3* Buff Raid Tournament, the one it is happening right now? Just after first perfect day, today I was served with three teams with at least 80 emblems on it (16+ emblems on a hero on average). So I became war meat once again.

In conclusion, no matter how much skill you have, you will become a war meat if you don’t have fully emblemed teams. That is why I’m not signing for the next tournaments. The prizes are not worth my time with that kind of matchmaking. It has to be fixed so the raid tournaments become new players friendly. Old players with higher TP already have advantage in tournaments, because they earn more points per single victory.

And as you probably suspect, the first team that have attacked me yesterday - fully emblemed 3* squad. When, as I said before, I have no emblems on my 3*. So, no comment.

  1. Another big problem is timeline inequity of Challenge Events, namely prizes. In previous 10-level format old players by winning Epic tier stashed Compasses, now with new formula they are stashing Gloves. I have joined recently and I’m able to get only gloves. In my oppinion 3* mats for finishing Epic tier should alternate between Compass and Gloves. The best would be having Gloves for Rare and Compass for Epic.
    If not, the vicious circle starts 1) No gloves/compass -> 2) no 4* ascension -> 3) no chance of finishing Legendary tier. For the … sake, after three years SG should be more opened on new players, cause old ones will just stop paying at some point.

That is all folks :slight_smile:


so are you enjoying the game?


I probably will when my recently build TC20 will deliver something. Currently to be competive in mid/high Gold raids I can use only two squads on offence, consisting mainly of Reds. My bench is short because of summons and mats so I will get bored soon if nothing changes.

What are the prizes for every event in Epic difficulty? I know for Guardians, it’s Cape and Blade; no compass or gloves at all.

Compass and Gloves are the materials most likely to pile up anyway, since you need only one of each to ascend, so lobbying for more of one or another seems moot.


Things are looking Grimm indeed. The boards seem to be Rigard against me, I want to pull in teltoc, but I really don’t have good things to say about the hotm in Joon, it must be a conspiracy. I demand Justice.

And my Buddy is always looking at me when I play this game with this smirky face that looks like he wants to be slapped hard.


Seems to me also that my inventory tends to show more than enough of those two items after a long period of play. Well,may not be same for everyone.

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I don’t remember Guardians very well but I think it is the pattern that gloves are for Epic and compass is for Legendary with few color-specific 3* and maybe 4* mats in specific tiers.

also @Oliz

For new players there is always deficiency of compasses and glover. They will pile up but maybe after 1 year of playing or so.

My current inventory (including used):

  • damascus blade - 2

  • tome of tactics - 1

  • tonics - 5

  • rings - 2

  • darts - 2

  • tabbards - 2

  • trap tools - 13

  • capes - 11

  • blades - 9

  • orbs - 8

  • shields - 5

  • gloves - 11

  • compass - 6

So, currently I could ascend more but the only sure place I can get compass is Farholme once per two months and Legendary tier of Challenge events - the one unreachable without great team.

As I said, Guardians Epic doesn’t have gloves for completion. Avalon Legendary is both gloves and compass for completion. Not the pattern you are stating. I don’t know the rewards for the rest of the events.

Your list of mats is commendable for relatively 4 months of play, although I read somewhere that low rate of Dblade and Tome was possibly designed to enhance the slow progression of the game.

IMO that may also include gloves and compass, All 4 and 5 rarities need 1 of each for ascension ; while on the 5*, tome and dblade play additional slow down role. But after a long period of play,…ascension mats issue tends to taper out., I believe most long time players would have gone through same trend being experienced by new players.

Yes, Guardians didn’t have gloves in Epic but Avalon and Pirates had gloves in Epic and gloves&compass in Legendary.

I hate that I find this funny lol

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Looking Here

You can see across all events, you get 4 compasses and 4 gloves total for completion, so it’s already evenly distributed. There’s no pattern where you get saddled with too many gloves, and you can definitely get a compass for Epic.

Probably because you’re thinking of that face when you read that.


In the 3* tournaments I generally finish 1-5% with no emblemed 3*. It really doesn’t make that much of a difference.

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Not so evenly, when you can get just 1 compass from Epic tier per 5 months.

Don’t attack with a rainbow team but color stack against either the tank/flank instead. It took me a while to get comfortable raiding with two or three colors missing, but if you choose your heroes properly, it can really pay off big. Ok maybe you don’t have the roster depth to do that effectively now, but try to get an understanding of the mechanics behind it so when you do develop your roster further you can take full advantage of it.

I refuse to waste precious emblems on 3*, and as a result I don’t have a single emblemed 3*. However I do have more than one hero of each color either at 3/50, or in the 3rd ascension. As a result, just by color stacking against the tank or the most dangerous hero, last week I was able to take down +15 teams and place in the top 1%. To be fair I had Bauchan from Avalon, whose special is completely OP for a 3*, and he helped a great deal. But I also only ran 3-1-1 at most and sometimes 3-2, but never a full rainbow team for attacking. This isn’t to say I won every match against a much stronger team, but my win rate was about 80%.

As for my defense team, I had Melia-Balthazar-Bauchan-Berden-Valen, no emblems, nothing fancy except maybe Bauchan. My team was attacked 9 times and it survived 7 of them, often against teams with +12 Gatos/Valens and Namahages. And no I’m not a veteran, I’ve only been playing for 2 months, albeit as P2P player.

That creepy face is the Bane of my existence and makes Wilbur’s mustache sad. Rigardless, I feel I shan’t be Berdened by this and continue on Valently.


This is, actually, true. Or very likely to be the truth. A computer Random Number Generator is not truly random, but is a math algorithm of Pseudo Random Generation. If a seed for this generation is fixed, the sequence of generated numbers is predefined and reproducible.

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Seriously? Versus just 2 gloves in Epic over 5 months? Are you just trying to find things to complain about? You want the rewards adjusted for the people that can only complete Epic but not Rare or Legendary, ever over the life of the game, so that these people can get the exact same number of compasses as gloves? Get it together.

Not getting into a debate about randomness (again ad nauseam) but this is just speculation not truth.

For anyone formulating opinions from reading this thread please note there has been plenty of data sets pulled to show that there are no non-random patterns that can be determined. There is no comparable data set for the opposing viewpoint.


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