Grimm slowed down?


Has anyone else noticed Grimm’s mana speed has slowed down? I’ve had two separate players now complain of this, one going so far as to say Skittleskull is gaining Mana at a faster rate.

I know this is subjective, but is anyone else experiencing this?


So far the only time i noticed he was ‘slow’ was after Hel hit someone next to him and for the rest of that raid he didn’t gain any mana anymore… Since that is clearly a different bug I’ll try and keep an eye out to see if he seems slower than normal!


Grimm’s still average, just tested on 8-7.

Also compared to Athena (likewise average) 1:1. Little John is another cause of slow mana regen now too in addition to the Hel bug probably among other random things.


Thanks guys! :kissing_heart:


Yes I have noticed this issue with grim also thought it was just my imagination


Have you tested him in game play to confirm his slowness? If it’s just you and my players, y’all could at least put in a support ticket for your individual issues. :thinking: