Grimm’s pointy feet

I feel sorry for Grimm having to squeeze his feet into those ridiculous pointy shoes. Poor lad. No wonder he looks so annoyed. Those red eyes suggest he hasn’t slept in weeks. His wee toes must be red raw. While I’m on the subject Kiril’s feet are two completely different shapes. Did he have an unfortunate accident?


Kiril had too much mead one night and slipped outside the tavern, passed out drunk. Several horse drawn wagons then proceeded to run over the afformentioned foot, leaving it mangled for the rest of his days…


Please point out this important game flaw in the Ridiculous Complaints Thread. Mods have an obligation to answer for these heinous oversights preventing us from being able to enjoy the game to its full extent.

Let them know you demand answers.

-Fellow concerned gamer


I hope he was appropriately compensated

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While sampling his brew Kiril tripped chopped, off his left toes and spilled his brew on Kadelin; in a rage she stabbed him in the eye. Since she was drunk, the blow wasn’t fatal, they are now best friends.

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