Grimm or Isarnia

I`ve finally gathered ascension materials to upgrade Grimm to its max or Isarnia to 3/70. Which one is better?

Grimm to max is my opinion. He’ll be more useful now and Isnaria will take you a long time to max out.


4/70 Grimm its better than a 3/70 Isarnia and you can also use him on intermediate challenge events.

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Eh, thats not easy.
General rule says that it’s always better ascend a 4* everytime that you can’t take to max a 5*.
And Grimm is an excellent hero, probably one of the best in his weight.

But Isarnia debuff is second only to Athena, and thats just perfect for gathering better titan loot.


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Thanks guys, will go ahed with a Grimm.
@Rigs, what do you mean with 20char?

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so obvious :slight_smile: thanks Paulon

Allright, a different variation of this question, if I may?

I already have a maxed Grimm and I LOVE him. However, I got an Isarnia from my TC20. I’ve got 7 telescopes so I could take my Ice Queen all the way. Woot?

Would it make sense to replace a 4/70 Grimm with a 5/80 Isarnia, for titan team, raid offense and/or raid defense?

Raid defence she is fragile, but Grimm even more then her. So yes.

For titans she is slow instead of average, but you can use items and she has 10% more defence reduction.

So for me yes, she may be your Athena sobstitute.

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If you can bring her at 4/80 then yes, she is better.

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I’ll take her up to 3/70 for sure because she’ll be useful in AW regardless. And unless I drafted an even better blue 5* by that time she’s going all the way. Thanks for the advice!

The only one I’d prioritize for my team over her, and it’s questionable given I have a lot of maxed fast mana hitters for 4 and 5* already, is Magni. I honestly think I’d rather Isarnia for my team than Magni at the moment.

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And I have a reverse question too: I got Irsania +6 (and will keep embleming her, love her), should I still max grimm, or use that last fine gloves on Little John?

I have grimm LB and +20 emblems and finally got Isarnia after 4 years. Is she any good and should I bother leveling her, or leave her as fodder for soul exchange