Grimm maxed out OR Magni at 3/70?


I did a 10 pull on Ice the other day looking specifically for Grimm or another hitter replacement for Kiril on my “A” team. I managed to get Grimm and immediately started leveling him up. I also got Magni, but I was thinking of the common wisdom that a maxed out 4* is almost always better than a 3/70 5*. After I ran into a 3/70 Magni in a raid, I’m not sure that’s true here. I do have 5 Warm Cloaks and 2 Farsight Telescopes right now, but it’s pretty unlikely that I will have enough to take Magni to his final ascension for a really long time. So…it’s not too late for me to switch over to leveling Magni. I’m just not sure which one is better. Pics for reference:

Magni is definitely weaker all around, but it’s not horrible. That 420% hit is huge and fast mana has to be a big bonus. Another thing is that I’m not strong enough for advanced in special events, but intermediate may be pretty good if I stick with Grimm.

The rest of my A Team right now is Boldtusk, Caedmon, Obakan, HuTao, Kiril
I’m working on Sabina, and will get WuKong and Tiburtus going soon.


I think you already have boldtusk and kiril for buffs, and add to that you want it for intermediate events, stick with Grimm. But know that in general cases Magni is better Always (maybe best ice 5*!)

Also, na advice, forget about Sabina! You already have Caedmon for debuffs and Boldtusk for healing! If Obakan doesnt please you, go for Tiburtus (although he has the same special as Grimm so dont repeat it). Stick with Obakan and level tiburtus for purple intermediate event. It really counts the speed you finish the stages, so go for great attackers and rely on Boldtusk (he can handle it =D)


I fed Grimm to Perseus and never looked back. A fully ascended Grimm is a killing machine, if he doesn’t get killed first. Make sure he’s protected. Personally, I choose to play with heroes with fast mana. It makes a huge difference for my offensive style. Plus Magni is almost (pretty much) Grimm’s equal as is, however, he’ll be a freaking tank once he’s fully ascended. He generates mana insanely fast from what I can tell and hits hard. You can also use your troops to improve Magni’s defense if you choose to. Just a few things to consider…


Take grimm to 70 and dont think twice. By the time you get 4 more scopes, you’ll probably get 12 more capes (we’re seeing about a 3:1 ratio 3-star item to 4-star item).

EDIT: a base titan team of BT, Wu Kong, Grimm/Tibs + 2 strong colors is good. Sabina is a great titan hero to use with Wu - she has big gems (attack stat 699) and her heal + BTs heal helps keep you alive so with Wu active you can ignore stun and go for big gems wherever they are without dying too much.


You will want Grimm for his defense debuff because there is no weapon equal to it. while magni defense buff can be compensate by axe/bomb/banner albeit not as much. for titan/event


They are both good but I suggest you to focus first on Grimm as it’ll be more useful overall.
I don’t have Athena and i’ll max Grimm first than my other Ice “hitter” hero (Sonya at 60) as It’ll be useful for titans, challange, quest and raids.

Magni can really shine only if at lv80, outclassing Grimm with +77ATK +60DEF +202HP (also more gains from troops), fast special and defensive buff: great if near a central Boldtusk as it don’t give defense. You’ll only need another debuffer.


Thanks for all of the valuable info!

Squall - I got Sabina early, started powering her up, then I got Obakan and abandoned her. I’m close enough that taking her to 70 at least makes sense, then I’ll start on Tiburtus for my backup Purple.

Wormwood - I just got both of them a couple of days ago, so I haven’t taken Magni up to that level yet. I was wondering what order for the two.

I think I will take Grimm as far as I can, then start in with Magni. My plan is power up everyone I own eventually, I’m just looking for the smartest order so I’m not sitting on someone useless for a long time.


You won’t regret. BT doesn’t heal enough to keep you always alive and having two with dispell is great for events like last one. I finished advanced with team of 4* and it would be much harder if not possible without having both Caedmon and Sabina.


You’ll have another month-plus before you’ll want Sabina in an event. Pirates should be up next, and it’s purple reflective. Sabina will be a good choice in some Guardian levels, plus against yellow titans.

Grimm (4/70) and Magni (currently 4/33) are my two blue heroes in play. Grimm still earns top spot on most teams because of his wicked attack plus defense debuff. Magni is top on my raid defense and some offensive runs. But Grimm definitely gets more play time.


i have Grimm and Magni both at 3/70. In almost every facet of the game, i use Grimm over Magni. The 2 don’t really compare at 3/70 imo.


I thought you had them both at those levels, my bad. Yes, level Grimm up first, no contest. You’ll be able to use him for a long time. And it probably WILL be a looooong time before you can see Magni in all his glory…Good luck !


And that’s wrong. I went through all intermediate/advanced stages of Pirates with Sabina and her heal was very helpful and even crucial in last advanced stages. Boldtusk doesn’t heal enough to keep the team alive. Same for WuKong, never removed him from team when doing Guardians. Some caution is needed, but I finished last 3 events both intermediate and advanced without single wipe or continues with 4* team…


I personally would go with Magni just for his attacking power and added defence. Grimm is better for titan battles due to his ramming pulveriser.


Fair points. Melendor is preferable in Pirates, but that may not be an option for some.


For the next event, I have been focusing on maxing out a really nice 3*. I haven’t been playing long enough to have my 4* team at their final acension, so I won’t be competitive in intermediate. I will still give it a try though.
I’m looking to take this team: Caedmon, Boldtusk, HuTao, Kiril, and Kelile. HuTao is my only 4* Yellow anywhere close to strong, so unless I can get my new Goku (oops…WuKong :slight_smile: ) powered up in time, I will double up the red. I planned on getting Sabina leveled up for the next event after the one coming up, when I’ve heard that yellow will reflect.


Use Grimm io kiril.boldtusk/kiril dont stack.


I realize those Grimm and BT buffs don’t stack, but they are still both healers. They are rarely ready to go at the same time, so I don’t see that as a problem. I just got Grimm 2 days ago, so I will try to rush him to power up, but I am working on so many that he might not be ready for that next event. I also just got Melendor, but I’m working on Ceadmon still and trying to max out Brienne, so he will have to wait. Never enough resources.

EDIT - I meant Kiril and BT above when talking about the stacks.


Grimm does stack with bt as grimm debuffs enemy and bt buffs you


Have you used pulveriser/defense debuffer before? because if you have, you would notice it will make the job to kill folk easier, really defense down, I can one shot folk if I shoot him(Grimm) first with or without attack buff.

Edit : Sorry, if I sound rude here, but I need to go all out so that you can see the light that is Grimm, if you didnt know yet. but if you did know it, but choose Kiril, then go ahead…


@Talisax I think s/he meant Kiril not Grimm