Grimm Event Reward Tier Cutoffs

Is there a way to see (for example) how many points the player currently ranked #300 in the Legendary leaderboard has? More generally, is there a way to figure out how many more points one needs to get in order to get into the next reward tier? The in-game leaderboards only go up to #100.

Not unless you know somebody who is at that level…or maybe people can self-report here.

My score in Epic and Legendary has dropped me into the daily summon token prize bin already…about what I expected.

In Rare, I’m currently #34252 and will get the prize with the world energy flask, arrows, and healing potions. Assuming I don’t drop farther before it ends.

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The short answer is no. Would be nice to know that info though.


I’d also note that from my point of view, having looked at the prizes … I don’t care what it takes to get anything in between “completion” and #100

None of the prizes below that are worth the extra effort, resources needed. In Rare, nothing below #10 is worth fighting for.

I consider the remaining prizes to be chump change as thanks for trying to get the real prize but missing, while burning up a couple hundred battle items and a ton of world energy flasks in your futile quest.

Here, have a couple cookies, and a pile of crafting ingredients.


Well said…:grin:. For me, once I get completion loot, my interest in the events is over. I used to get upset about events, but once I adopted the philosophy of only caring about completion loot, then event time became peaceful again.


Nothing worth the effort. The only prizes with anything needed are indefinitely held for the people that… You know… Don’t actually need them.


I’m the same. Complete all the tiers, get the completion loot & do one 10x pull. After that back it’s back to hoarding gems for something else.


I think the main reason to keep trying to get a better score is if you are close to getting the next tier. In rare I’m in the third tier and not going anywhere. In legendary I was 5900 when I finished; I replayed a few levels and now sitting comfortably at 4700. I’ll keep an eye on that but I doubt I’ll go much lower.

In epic, however, I’m very close to the next tier but unable to do a lot about it. I’m poking around to see if I can get a little higher but I’m not super optimistic. Either way, I’m second tier from the bottom and reasonably happy there. If I had Wu Kong or Caedmon, it might be a different story. Also definitely wish I had leveled at leas one Sonya. Can’t underestimate that buff removal in any of these challenges.

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It is interesting, and somewhat encouraging, to me to see my current rank in the Rare event. I have only playing for 3.5 weeks and struggled to defeat all the levels of Rare (Ulmer, Bane, weak Isshtak, weak Kailani, Tyrum). [I pulled a 3* green late, my green elemental pull gave me a 4*]

I am #86679 by barely completing the event. That is a LOT of active players in any circumstance, let alone setting the bar for playing at least 3 weeks/paying to be ready for the event. The last MMORPG I played a few years back never had more than maybe 200 ‘active’ players when not counting alts. This thread reminded me of how different this game is, and while some f2p/p2w arguments still exist, there are enough ‘efficient spenders’ in between to lobby both sides. :slight_smile:

Just take that in; over eighty-six THOUSAND players most likely completed the Rare event. Wow.


I’d like to know the total numbers of participation for unique players of the event… :slight_smile:

@gregschen, it isn’t “quite” what you wanted to know…but I’m proud to say that I just barely got my first event completion score high enough to get something more than a daily summon token as a prize!!!

Rare rank # 49,084 required a master score of 336,759 :slight_smile:

I’m very pleasantly surprised that I did that well because I just put together a good 3* team, and played through it once, using only a few mana portions and more antidotes…except for the three bosses of stage 10; I hit them with 5 arrows and 5 axes.


Yo solo juego para finalizarlo, no busco clasificarme. Pero siempre me divierten. :wink:


I just play to finish it, I’m not looking to qualify. But I always have fun

(translated using Google Translate by Coppersky)

@Rook, I can go under these rankings :slight_smile:

I couldn’t beat the first level of Epic yet; so that might give an indication of the number of players who at least tried one level.


Challenge Events are good for challenging yourself. Two Events ago I wasn’t able to pass the middle levels of Epic and was in the bottom of Rare (completed it though). The last time (Pirates?) I was stuck at 10 level of Epic and couldn’t pass it but was in the top 50000 in Rare (so got additional loot). Now I finally managed to finish Epic. I ain’t even touching Legendary past level 1 because there is no way for me to complete it or score somewhere in the top. If the loot for each level was better, that would be cool. Now if you are too weak to complete a specific stage there is really no reason to beat levels. It is better just to use that world energy and go farm the map.

That would be my suggestion to make Challenge Events cooler for everyone - buff the loot of each level. Heck, even multiplying it would make it worthy (e.g. if you get Arrows and Practice Sword, make it 5x Arrows and 5x Practice Sword). Devs are not happy to give us more ascension items so I won’t expect Hidden Blades to drop from 5th level of Rare but a buff of received items would be nice.

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I think the tier just below the top 100 is worth it for every difficulty tier for the ingredients. If you get those for every difficulty, you can make a lot of tornadoes and arrows (crude iron is def the toughest ingredient for me).

My scores and ranks:
Rare: 410,768 rank 785th
Epic: 548,815 rank 362th
Legendary: 695,708 rank 75th

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That depends on how many battle items you have to burn to get that rank. If you use 100 arrows to get material to craft 40 arrows, it doesn’t sound worth it to me.

That said, I don’t know if I could get that high a rank without using that many items or not. I haven’t tried them competitively yet.

I’m kicking myself a little. I got distracted by life yesterday, and finished Rare with 336,184, good for 50,028th! Good thing the loot I narrowly missed out on wasn’t all that great anyway.

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