Grimm...Am I Missing Something?

Okay, I have a Grimm about halfway leveled up…is it just me, or is he terrible? I have no idea why he got an “A” grading. He is the first to go down, every time. My blue fours are Grimm, Sonya, Kiril, Captain of Diamonds, and Agwe. Who should I focus on?


That’s because he’s halfway leveled up…even at max level he is by no means a tank. He’s rated A because he’s a hard hitter with spash damage and defense down.

Your main focuses now should be Grimm and Kiril. Sonya after, CoD/Agwe are both very meh.


Grimm is one of the best 4☆ around. His main strengh is his huge attack. A high emblemed Grimm can easily reach 800ish attack. Add that def down and hit to three and he gets a well earned A


He is squishy, but his strength is the amazing tile damage and the 6 turn defense down which will make your other blue heroes look better in raids and titans. Here’s mine with full emblems. He is a beast.


Hes squishy but i have seen worst(defenses) and squishier heroes. Aka Scarlett. So after all grimm can bare at least enough to hit like a truck. At least at +20 like you have.

Pd: yes, hes one of my fav blues :laughing:

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Grimm is OK for players at lower to mid-level. Has high attack stat and nice defense down special skill. But he’s very squishy so, yes, he’s terrible on defense and at higher levels. Definitely not an “A “ hero in the current meta, but maybe a year or two ago when there were fewer great 4* to compare him with. You rarely see him at upper platinum or diamond level defenses.


I am still really new to the game, just almost two months in - but I felt that way too, in fact, about most of my (still few) heroes, until they are fully maxed.

It´s almost as if there is a hidden “fragile spot” on each, like a dent in their shield, until they reach max level!

the hero gradings are in its own rarity, of course grimm is too squishie against 4.6k teams or if you compare him with some level 80 legendaries. He is worth every aspect of his A.


In terms of long term utility, I would suggest

  1. Kiril
  2. Sonya
  3. Grimm
  4. Agwe

Have a look at this topic for an in-depth mathematical description of why defence down is one of the strongest powers available


My Grimm +14 was in my attack team during 269 out of 270 stages of Season 2 hard. I can only suggest for you to level him, give emblems, learn how to play him and how to keep him alive.


Grimm is a beast i still use him even at S3 hard cuz of def down and i will use him until costume magni, frida or arthur appear.
Here is my S3 team


Grimm might be useful, not on the long run, but at your current level, he sure would. Kiril is the long distance runner in that stack. Sonya’s costume, also very useful against GM and JF. However, if Grimm’s costume will match Tiburtu’s, Grimm’s gonna get a whole lotta love all of a sudden… Tibs is a meh hero. But costume Tibs… a whole new story. Of course, in time, you’ll sure max all three. As about Agwe… no idea what he’s good for…


Yeah, I’m definitely still trying to figure out which heroes are good for what. Agwe and COD seem useless. Kiril and Sonya seem better.

Mines only +14 but I have prioritised defense and health. He IS squishy. A beast in action however; that splash attack is gorgeous.

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Isn’t Telly tank of choice? A squishy tank makes no sense.

That’s not a bad idea. Especially, if you want to fight 4600 teams in wars. When I emblemed him I just wanted to prioritize his strength as a glass cannon. I was like “even if he dies that sick tile damage will still be at play”. On hindsight, I should have gone the defense HP route. But I still use him in wars in my 3-2 blue green team. The level 23 mana troops of course makes this entire team functionally fast. They all charge up in 3 matches. :slight_smile:


A lot of newer players seem to forget that while you have one hero left in play, all tiles are doing damage. @NittanyLionRoar taught me that lesson on youtube. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup, that’s very important. :slight_smile:


Ramming Pulverizer ( 6 turns!!! )

High normal/ matching/ tile damage even when dead ( grave damage )

Barbarian class quests both have triple red bosses ( Use emblems to get emblems,
blue is strong color against all bosses of last stage, defense debuff target and nearby for 6 turns, splash damage )


Click for notes

Grimm, Tiburtus and Gormek

(Ramming Pulverizer-Who's your favorite?)

Grimm x2

(Is it worth ascending two Grimm's)

Scarlett, Jackal and Grimm

(Two Rogues or comparing Guardian Jackal and Scarlett ( with a mention of Grimm ))

Wu Kong teams

Wu Kong 2x debuffers

(Wu Kong Debuff Duo or Smart Probability or Two Defense Down heroes with Wu Kong)

Wu Kong Cascade Squad

Color stacking



Personally, I use Grimm in my events and S3 where needed/possible.
For me, Grimm with Miki, Jott and Kiril is just… yes bye bye enemies.he is not a “go to” for me in wars or raids though, unless it’s a rush attack then i may use him(but then I have 2x Tiburtus)

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