Grimforest - Red Hood stage 5 - this is a joke, right?


I beat epic without a fully ascended team. Only brought manas, axes, few potions, and arrows.

Took me 2 tries. I killed rumple, and redhood at same time with 5 axes when they got low. Then took out bosswolf with my remaining arrows when he was almost dead. It was close, the arrows dmg saved me.


Whole heartedly agree. Great to see growth. I don’t know when I started but guess it was December 2017. I don’t believe I beat legendary til sometime this summer. The one I remember was the summer event (although a different format). My goal was to get to 10 and then see where I die. I was encouraged to continue on (my team liked seeing how far I’d go as they knew I was doing it without a healer - even beat dark lord without a healer). I kept winning and don’t think I used major items until like level 18. I wore my Rana avatar proudly for a while. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I did legendary with the team below (except Leonidas wasn’t ascended to rank 3, got 4th ball from the event). Had bomb attack in the last item slot (ran out of them).

Proteus’s mana block and Wilbur’s damage sharing were my kings. Even though Wilbur was hurting himself against RedHood :smiley:

The last fight was helluva long (but shorter than 20 mins), but it went fine :slight_smile:


I too am having problems. Unfortunately I dont have the 4* or troops to double/triple up or to bring in heavy hitters who will survive. I just got kiril but no way level him before event ends. Plus no final ascension rank material. I like these suggestions, but question; does the game drop less color for multiple elemental heros? It barely generates mana for my healer…


No. It is just random, even though sometimes it looks like board is agains your strong color. But it is just a conspiracy theory.


I just completed legendary and oh boy was it hard for some reason (poor table perhaps?)

Last fight with boss wolf, red and that blue joker was hardcore. Her foxes are so over powered that you just can’t beat them. I she manages to fire second set of minions, it’s game over. Too strong foxes. Domitias skill kills only one fox.

How to beat it then? with bombs, super manas and time stops. Make sure that she doesn’t summon her foxes. Merlin is pure gold in these events.

I used: Merlin, Domitia, Wu Kong, Vivica, Yunan.

Hardest event so far…


So far, on my alt (VIP only and cheap gem deals only), I have beaten rare and epic tiers and up through level 8 of legendary. Waiting for more world energy to try to finish legendary.

For rare tier, I used Belith, Valen, Bane, Ulmer, and Gan Ju. Antidotes, minor mana, arrows and axes.

For Epic, the only colors I can double a 4* are red and purple. I left out the reds and used Sonya, Cyprian, Wu, Rigard, and Caedmon. Medium mana, arrows, axes and bombs

For legendary, I’m using the same team as epic, as the only 5* I’ve even started is a 2/60 Leonidas. I just got Isarnia from the event summons and Domitia from my TC20, but haven’t started leveling them yet. If I struggle dealing enough damage on the last 2 levels, I may replace Cyprian with Leo. Mana, bombs, dragons, and maybe revive scrolls

Edited. Took me 2 tries, but I finished Legendary with the above team of 4/70 4*s


Legendary was a cruise with Sartana-Wu-Boril-Viv-Grimm. Wu, Boril, and Grimm were maxed, but Sartana and Viv were at like 4/5 (just got the ascention mats). I only used a couple of bombs and arrows, literally.

Wu is a huge help.


Give Boril a medal. . and Sonya


My team that beat epic…

Took a several tries but was quite satisfying. Full mana for everyone and a carefully set up board to start the boss stage made Rumpelstiltskin relatively easy. Red Hood took a bit of luck. Boss Wolf is easy by himself.

Caedmon made me do it. He really wanted those ascension mats.


That is a super effort! Well done.


It’s a challenge event so it’s ok if it’s challenging. I couldn’t beat the first few challenge events when I started but now I can because my heroes are much stronger.

To beat epic I went with kiril, Wu Kong, melendor, proteus and tiburtus. All are maxed except proteus who is currently 4.44

Legendary had me use kiril and isarnia maxed, Richard at 3.70, panther at 4.55 and tiburtus maxed. Used a few potions and bombs and axes at the end but I think I could have gotten through without. (Still using potions to let kiril heal though). It’s the specials that helped though. Dropping defense and lowering their attack while boosting mine kept me alive and inflicting more damage.

Lastly I definitely think it’s worth completing the events if it’s at all possible to do so. Epic gives two unfarmable 3* items and legendary gives 3. Plus gold coins. (Finally got a four star yellow troops!)

No matter how deep your bench is, you’re pretty much always gonna have use for these and given ascension materials is the biggest bottleneck in the game, you’d be silly not to take whatever you can with them!


I don’t know how and why i had zero trouble beating the rare difficulty. I used this lineup (notice how Arman is almost complete zero and bane is only 3^10 with skill 5/8).

Gato, Melia and Squire are fantastic heroes. If u don’t have them, you should try to get them.