Grimforest - Red Hood stage 5 - this is a joke, right?

Continually summoning ‘friends’ to use as a barrier while each one also heals her? While being impervious to red attacks?

How in the hell has anyone managed to defeat her? I was playing with 4* heroes including Kasreck and was going continuously for 10 minutes, never once managing to knock her health down more than 10% before she managed to build it back up to max. I was about to quit when she eventually sarted killing off my heroes one by one. Sometimes the abilities of the bosses just astound me in this game.

take in more attackers. couple fast mana hitters and a defense debuffer. mana up by ghosting before you go into boss stage. also double blue heros in your lineup. should be relatively easy W


If you think red hood is hard you’re going to hate knights of Avalon lmao.


It’s very hard, i had to use miracle scroll, time stop, 2 healers, Wilbur & had to use 75 gems.
Took me a long time to finish the stage. U also connect the gems on the edge.

Bringing a dispeller is a huge help. I can’t say it’s the best idea, but for most events I stack three of a color.

I took Sonya, Kiril, and Grimm, along with Proteus and G. Jackal. Had no trouble with Red Hood.

However, the Red Hood + Hansel + Boss Wolf stage is another story…

If you’re struggling then your team isn’t ready

Wait till knights and Morgan le fay


Im relatively new here and on game.i also am havimg problems with this stage on the rare version of this stage.any advice for 3 stars i cam use and or items.Thanks and ilove the forum.

I didn’t even know I was on the last stage until it told me I won all the rewards from completing. Red hood is a joke event hero. All you need to do is level up your 4* heroes.

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It was a cake walk using kiril, grimm, melendor, Caedmon and Wu Kong. I only needed antidotes.

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Morgan Le Fay is a cakewalk…a simple antidotes nullifies her completely.

Antidotes do no thing to Le fay, you’re mixing her with Lady Locke maybe?

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Morgan can’t be dispelled

Well if we get technical yes she can, you can dispel the fire def. You can’t cleanse her poison/vampirism unless you kill her.

Kasshrek is a weak color against red. It is not effective. You need 2 or 3 blue heroes. Also, on the Epic level one axe kills all minions.

Oh yes…my mistake. Lady Locke is a cakewalk. Morgan is death.

You are referring to epic or legendary?

Generally speaking this kind of boss that main cure himself and not dealing much damage (like Guinevre or Morgan) call for an aggressive asset (1 healer at best, no riposte guys).

The tactic is always the same: double/triple strong color (blue in this case) and prepare yourself before entering last stage (charge all your heroes).
Also preparing a good board and taking with you good items (depens what difficulty you are talking about) is a good idea.

Hood is not a easy opponent for not experienced players… But far to be invincible.

Post your entire team and your items if you can.

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Yes please. I have fully maxed 3*. Have doubled stacked on blue but can’t finish rare level 10. Is it because I’ve been feeding 3 or 4* troops and my level 2 troops aren’t strong?

I had no problems to Complete the levels.

In epic i used Wu, Grimm, sabina, hansel, sonja
In rare i used brienne, bane, ulmer, tyrum, belith
In legendary i used rumpelstiltskin, Wu, aeron, alasie, gregorian.

My wife finished legendary yet with Wu, magni, khiona, sartana, arthur.

We finished every Level without dying



Or failing that, I like a ramming Pulveriser for bosses to boost the damage of any required healers or a riposters, if your bench is thin.

Long live the pulverizers ! :smile:

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