Grimforest- No legendary completion reward

Completed legendary but did not receive legendary completion reward. Please address. Thank you. BoomBoomPapa.

I completed rare and Epic and didn’t receive anything as well, not a single thing

have the same problem. Maybe the cause is starting before the finish of the quest, but finishing the last battle after finishing the quest.
Dear admins,
Have a video of win. Can send it to you as a prove.

nickname: itsovernow

Why did you wait for the event to finish before posting this? You should have posted as soon as you completed the tier and got no reward…

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I received the Rare reward, Axle to tell you the truth I am not positive I got the Epic. Or viceaversa. It’s been really hectic. I am positive though that I did not receive the legendary as I was needing the trap tools.


Forum can’t help.

Submit a support ticket in game.


Thank you for your reply.

Forum did help… by advising them to submit a ticket



20 support tickets

Did I miss something?

If you posted sooner somebody might have advised you to take some screenshots of your tier completion screens as evidence and submit support tickets… as for the not getting the rewards, that is a lot harder to prove… but maybe SG might look into it somehow…

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Thank you for that . I thought they would know if you got it or not.

They might. Worth to try.

I finished legendary tier at last minute and did not receive rewards…
Please check and revert.

Maybe it doesn’t work like the last moment war hit… Maybe that has something to do with the event battles not being time limited so theoretically they could go on forever is they are not stopped by the event time running out…

I would think 10 minutes would be enough time to process that , that being said you are probably dead on with that assumption.

I agree that’s probably right but for someone like me with a 3000 team and two healers it takes forever to beat red hood it took me 20 min and yes I started the last level with 25 minutes to go in the event but I have seen posts of players taking upward of 40 min to beat that last level. So how are people with things going on in their lives to realize that oh this event is about to end and then get in the battle and it takes it until it’s ended? Even though like my case there was still 5 min left when I was done and didn’t receive anything… and by no means after reading this it sounds like I’m getting heated at you and that’s not the case I know you are trying to help and it is much appreciated btw, thank you for that and I have since submitted a ticket, it’s just frustrating

No problem here, I got frustrated lots of time since I play this game. I think all of you should submit tickets and have SG look into this, because next time it might affect anyone else including me, and missing out on ascension items is serious business around here…

Is there any reference in their rules as to this " speedtrap" for lack of a better word?

None that I’m aware of, but this definitely wouldn’t be the first case the rules are unclear…