Grimforest - increased difficulty?

I’m using a four 3* blue + Melia team. I’d like to use my Namahage team but they will be blown to little pieces lol.

Seems more difficult to me as well. Need to try changing my team around I guess.

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Mine felt easier, but through Proteus, all things are possible.


Completed Legendary with Agwe, Wu Kong, Melendor, Kiril, and Rigard; all 4* and only the latter two were fully ascended. So to me, the reward seems good for the difficulty level.


Here is the Life points for each level from July 18…now difficulty can be more than just life points, but it is a data point.


Then we can put the conspiracy theory to rest as the mobs HP is unchanged (stage 1 Legendary - 1579):


@yelnats_24 Is there a way to measure defence?

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The damage if you bring the same exact heroes and troop compared to 4 months ago. But I don’t have any trouble completing the stages.


Thanks .

Neither do I, it just seems a bit longer with improved versions of the same emblemed heroes


I finished Legendary without too much trouble on the first try that I remembered to bring my mana pots.

I’m having problems failed twice so far. Seems like I should be able to beat it. Help me with a team setup?

I’m feeling inadequate…


I tried something radically different. On both profiles I finished Epic and Legendary with a 4 green and Wu team.

On Epic I took Kashrek and Mel. On Legendary I only took Mel. I just wanted to get past the mobs. It was a bit slow killing Red Hood but quite manageable.

I took double mana pots to keep my healer(s) healing and I brought bombs on Epic and healing pots.

On Legendary I exchanged bombs for dragon attacks. I ended up using them all but that mainly just to speed it up.

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I finished 7 legendary levels in automatic mode with ariel drake khiona alasie dalila. I don t see difference :thinking:


May I ask what battle items you are bringing to the final stage? I brought arrows axes and bombs

My advice is to utilize Hel, bring 2 kind of mana potions (preferably mana potion and super mana potion) to make her fire each time the mana block expired (every 3 turns). Don’t let any opposing hero gain mana. Do not bring axes, arrows, bombs, or dragon. Bring 2 healing potions and 2 mana potions instead.

For the orher 4 heroes, you can bring Kiril, Caedmon, & Li Xiu. Don’t you have any other maxed blue heroes??? Do you have any other healer? If no then bring Sabina (you might need to level her quickly before the event end).

Utilizing that strategy with Proteus (I don’t have Hel) allow me to complete legendary wonderland with 2900 TP back in February.


The killing seemed slow… but I go for more of a slow style anyhow. Just going to complete.

I beat both Epic and Legendary with all 4*s:

Rigard, Wu Kong, Sonya, Grimm, Melendor.

Rigard and Melendor + 3, Wu and Grimm almost to emblems. Sonya only at 3.60.

Took with: Bombs, Mana Pots, Antidote, Healing Pots

The final boss stage in Legendary was surprisingly simple for me. Maybe I got lucky.

I really didn’t notice.

My Legendary team:

Ariel-7, Misandra-7, Alaise-0, Frida-0 (3/70), Arthur-0 (3/70)

No items used except for 5 dragon attacks in the last round (10)

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My legendary team was Kiril, Grimm, Frida 3/70, Kunchen 4/50 and Proteus. I had no problems with the bosses but the mobs took a bit to kill. The combo of attack buff + def down + elemental def down is awesome, it can kill any monster. Having 2 healers helped the team, a lot. Most of the credit goes to Proteus tho. He shut down the bosses and all he asked for was small mana pots. He’s the real MVP.



Is this the first Grimforest with emblems?

I used to skip Challenge events because rewards sucked. But emblems made it worth completing.

Slower than last Challenge event ( RNG ?? ) but not more difficult.

Legendary & Epic team

Melendor 4*+18
Grimm 4*+18
Rigard 4*+15
Proteus 4*+13 ( MVP of all Challenge events except reflect purple).
Wu Kong 4*+17 ( mostly for tile/ matching damage. Rarely used Gambler’s Stance).

Health 500 HP potions,
60% and 25% mana potions
never used my 4th slot items.

Green mobs slowed me down. No yellow mobs for my double purple team to speed up.

Finished Legendary, waiting for energy refill for Epic.