Grimforest - increased difficulty?

Could be just me but I’m using my emblemed A-team on legendary and the event feels a bit harder. Were monsters given more HP or defence by any chance?

It reminds me of the Christmas seasonal event. Maybe I’m imagining things. Should still be able to complete the levels!

Thanks in advance


Now that you bring it up it could be possible as I was thinking similar.

I never kept track so I don’t know for sure.

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Not in Rare.


It feels to me like the mobs are dying slower than I am used to (legendary) But I am wary of anything based on “feeling” and have no facts to offer :frowning:


Pretty much how I feel.

I don’t have anything to compare it with.

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I am at the same boat as well. It seems harder than previous Grimforest event levels (Talking abaout Legendary levels, didn’t try Epic and Rare)


That’s why we need a facts man to come along and set us straight. Someone like… @Garanwyn to the rescue!!


On one rare level, I took two reds with me (not thinking) — Rudolph committed suicide with his special! But still won the letter. Twice, I forgot to bring antidotes for Rumplestiltskin/Hansel/Gretel, and still won. So I think Rare is definitely not harder than other times.

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what’s the reflect color on this event anyone?

:rofl::rofl: too funny :rofl::rofl:
Back to the OP.


The reflect colour is red


My impression is exactly the same. Started first epic level with 5 maxed 4*, one of which emblemed, and mobs were dying surprisingly slow. So far had no problem with event stages so my impression could be wrong. But that was my thoughts before I saw this thread.


I noticed the same thing. On rare it’s the same as usual I think, but Legendary stages take forever to get through.


First time I notice there is no food or iron in the rewards.
Has this always been like this in the challenges?

(I think I notice now because I need the iron badly now :rofl: )


Funny you mention this because I did the first level on Legendary and thought the same exact thing, it definitely felt tougher. I used to go through the first 5 stages with just one healer but I added a second healer for stage 2 just in case :rofl:

If there was more than 3* AM for rewards, I would understand…


done with all level and found no change from before , maybe just bad board and it happens , i was doing rainbow without red to finish , didnt aim for high score

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I finished both epic & legendary with surprising ease…with the same team, only one 5*. Proteus, Frida, Boril, BT, Wilbur. None of my heros died in any stage. Honestly I was crazy stupid shocked! Especially against Red Hood. Proteus & Wilber are awesome together when you time them right. Like I said, I only used one 5*, so I think it’s just finding that sweet spot. I’m pleased :grin::grin::grin:

And you brought 2 red in a red reflective event too… impressive!

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