Grimforest family bonus not working on HANSEL

I have got 3x Hansel and 2 Gretel almost fully leveled up, i tried to play with them as a family bonus team but i realized there has to be a huge bug in the bonus.

When i play 2x gretel with any other heros i get Family bonus of stage2 members, but when I play 2x gretel and 3x hansel it doesn’t stack up. Hansel doesn’t seem to have the family bonus even if the sign is there, it still shows family2members bonus only not family5bonus tier. When i play with 3x hansel and 2 other heros there is no family bonus at all, so it seem like hansel is bugged on having NO family bonus.

Hope you can fix this soon, I am very proud of my hansels and gretels :wink: haha, thx in advance

Each unique hero only counts once. So in your stack of 3 Hansels and 2 Gretels, you only get credit for 2 members towards the family bonus - one Hansel and one Gretel. In your screenshot, it says ‘Family Members: 2’ - counting for this.

If you had 5 Hansels, you would not see any family bonus - as that is only one unique hero.


Thx for the fast info, so I’ll probably need another 500-1000 tokens to complete it haha, thx for your help


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