Grimforest Event Heroes worth it?

Hey all,

I don’t won’t want to complain. But I am thinking about whether I should spend gems on the Event heroes.
But imho they don’t really seem quite so good…
Has anyone already experienced how strong they really are?
And can maybe also conclude a comparison to the knights or guardians?


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If I had to loosely rank all the event heroes I’d say this:

Tier 1: Panther, Guinevere, Arthur / Jackal, Falcon, Merlin
Tier 2: Red Hood, Locke, Kestrel / Peters, Hansel, Lancelot
Tier 3: Morgan, Sargasso, Rumpelstiltskin / Gretel
Tier 4: Kong, Owl, Boss Wolf / Boomer

The Fables heroes are below average but not terrible. Additionally Boss Wolf and Red Hood have strong synergies with other heroes, giving them a higher potential than as stand alone heroes.


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