Grimble not damaging QoH allies

Someone on the subreddit for the game posted something, and I’m thinking it shows a bug.
According to the description of Grimble’s Special, it’s supposed to kill minions then deal damage:

  • Destroys all minions from all enemies
  • Deals 235% damage to all enemies

Logically, since Taunt prevents specials from affecting non-Taunting heroes, I can see the argument that BK/QoH should protect other heros’ minions (to the same extent that Inari’s dodge should be triggered by Snow White’s debuff), but… shouldn’t the damage, which is listed as a different effect, still be able to target QoH’s allies, since it happens after the Taunt-Providing Card Minion has been destroyed by the first effect?

According to the video below, it protects them from both.



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Taunt intercepts an entire attack (set) not just 1 of 2. It would almost be pointless if it didn’t I think.

Hmmm, Blackies taunt yes, but Queens is just the card. If the card is removed, her taunt should also end between 2 actions of single special.

It should be like Kage, who dispels 1st and then hit the cleansed hero.

Does SnowWhitey hit all after her full cleanse/dispel against Blacky?


My understanding of card rules is you read the card from top to bottom and the top effect takes place first followed by the next effect and so on

That’s why Kage dispels first and then hits as @Olmor said, so if there was counter on the target Kage would not get injured

I would have thought Grimble would do the same otherwise he’s more pointless than expected

@Petri @zephyr1


I would expect him to kill the card of Queen only and then hit all, no matter if with or without any minions.

Maybe sb is able to try some other double fx against Queen, e.g. Misandra, CoD, Finley, SnowWhite, Hatter etc.


That’s normally the case, although I wonder how that’s intended to work with a status effect that’s the result of the Minion, like QoH’s Taunt.

I could see the argument that the status effect may clear at the end of the turn instead of immediately upon death of the Minion — it may be that’s the intended behavior.

I’ll ask about it, and see if we can get an official answer on whether this is the intended design or not.


Thanks @zephyr1, if this is true it’d be pretty disappointing if you were a Grimble user.

As his niche got out niched even nore


I agree, it certainly limits Grimble’s usefulness against QoH, and perhaps against future heroes with similar mechanics if that’s intended.

I sent a message in to the Small Giant Staff to ask if it’s possible to get an answer on whether it’s intended to work that way or not.


I agree that logically it would make sense for Grimble to destroy minion (thus taunt is over) and then have the attack follow without Taunt active.

Also if Snow White doesn’t hit Black Knight allies, she really should (it would make sense it she doesn’t dispel his allies though)


Thank you for the report! We checked this here and Grimble’s special should work as intended.


I don’t understand this. How should it work?

Also, while I gather that, ‘working as intended’ is kind of the standard SGG response in various bug reports that turn out to not actually be bugs, I think it’d be a great service to the player base if staff would occasionally explain why.

If QoH is supposed to protect allies from Grimble’s AoE attack even after minions are removed, what is the thinking on that? Why does this case violate the standard rule (e.g., Kageburado and others) of following the steps from top to bottom?


She taunts the removal to herself in the video since her minion is up. It seems to work fine.

EDIT: Ah, there should be damage afterwards…

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SG are currently on the ropes .
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I honestly can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not.

I do think my questions are fair. This situation warrants an actual explanation. I really doubt I’m the only one who still doesn’t understand.


The way I read that is it prevents the entire special from affecting allies, even if the minion is destroyed in the same instance of grimbles special.

Of course the explanation of this is intended behavior is good enough of an explanation for me.

I’m on your side lol I dont get it either !
We do need an imformative explanation to the point raised

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Her minion holding (and so taunt also will) ends after the first half of Goaties special, since he kills only her minion (intended) but should hurt all afterwards.


I do not concur with your assessment of the situation.

I’m of the opinion it’s for the whole special execution. Not just where grimble kills the minions.

Devs agree with me. HAH!



In that case, Kage should take counter-attack damage.

Either the individual components of a special should execute in order (in which case, Kage cleanses before Damage, and QoH’s taunt is eliminated before Grimble’s damage, and thus applies to others [other forms/sources of taunt notwithstanding]) or the entire special executes at once (in which case buffs would still be in play when Kage does his damage and QoH’s taunt protects her allies from the attack), it cannot rationally be both.

But if @Petri’s assertion that this is “as intended” isn’t them overlooking the fact that QoH’s allies aren’t taking damage, that means that the SGG devs screwed up somewhere. Maybe it was in listing the Minion Elimination and Damage on two different lines, but something is wrong, because as written, Grimble should be a strong counter to QoH, but it’s behaving like QoH is a strong counter to a (increasingly bad, niche) HOTM.


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