Grimble – New December 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Wondering if anyone has placed him next to a Guin tank, since Seshat is the main counter. Might be the only spot I can see him working on Defense.

Have been so lucky to pull Grimble today!

Now Iam thinking of making him my war tank.
My alliance is using dark tanks and my only other options are Domitia and Quintus.

I fully agree that it could be a little problematic that he is “just” average, but at least I think it’s better fighting an enemy with one minion than an enemy with three of them.

Further his defence could be boosted to 980 with a 4* troop of level 12 with +19% defence and 1710hp, that’s a lot!

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I got him from a single pull in grimforest that gave pixie plus him. First hotm in year and a half except in my alt I got aegir back when he first came out.
Wasn’t chasing him but his skill is funny to watch and like someone wrote I would rather have him and not need him then need him and not have him. The event bosses will be interesting to try him. I have him at 3.70 and I have mats to max and with Domitia as my only max dark plus Obakan at 1.1 with sartana avoiding me in over 300 tc20 I will likely ascend him to max since I still can max sartana if I get her in Jan tc20 collection.
Hotm are free unless you are chasing them and only a few have been real bad…cough, Margaret, cough. But mostly I am glad to finally have one and it was on a single coin pull for free no less kinda like aegir…lol.
Minions seem like the new thing so at least in bosses like lotl and red hood might be fun. I’m going to search for Delilah tanks to try him at 3.70 just for fun…


I face him on defense in flank position, with buff from Zimkitha he makes me 400 damage to everyone.

My Grimble is at 4/70. In raids, he can usually survive quite long enough to fire off his special 2 to 3 times, which is not bad. I put him at flank coz I have Ursena tank. He has enough Defence and Health to survive.


Here’s video how grimble performs on defense. See how much damage he gives, you can examine him here:


Here’s one with Goatie tanking. Just met him as tank and went purple mono against him. Not that bad, but he has to fire twice to make bigger trouble.


What apps did u use to speedup the video olmor?

I use inShot for audio and speed.


Thx olmor this is what i’m looking for

my alliance the centrak accord field help
we don’t have central defined

the purple we use. very in the field with healing aids and a few more pieces in certain POSITIONS position 1, 2, 3 which are the fundamental

in arrow field we think that the central and what should be very resistant there we enter with central ice
In the fields with more attack power we use fire central
but with fast mana loading on the flanks

three field help
three different formation

but each of the alliances has its own form. count defense and attack

purple and better than light (yellow)
the frame if purple heroes and better

unless in the alliance everyone has an ONATEL plus GUINEVERE

there are top both

Created a clean gif of Grimble:

Jan’s hotm passive skill is such a slap in the face for grimble. Vela resists minion effects and he doesn’t…

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Just saying but Vela resists minion EFFECTS.

Edit: Double checked Vela’s card and it specifically mentions “resists incoming negative effects and damage from minions”.

So yeah, vela is a greater counter to minions than grimble ever has been :wink:


Wouldn’t Vela resist taunt as well from QoH? That’s the biggest talking point actually. Something which grimble desperately needs. And yes Vela resists damage for minions

We’re getting off topic, but Vela doesn’t resist the taunt from Queen of Hearts minion. She probably should though.

Grimble has what Grimble has, he doesn’t need to be the ultimate minion counter. Although, I do think it’s super unfair that Lady of the Lake’s minions attack me before I have the chance to use Grimble’s special, I think that is more of a problem with LotL than Grimble.

Then is there a bug?

It’s a little vague since the minion gives the owner taunt, it doesn’t directly affect Vela.

QoH ability says “The Playing Card Minion gives its owner Taunt. Taunt prevents the enemies from using their Special Skills on minion owner’s allies”

But in my opinion it’s a bug regardless of the semantics, but someone needs to report it.

So I have Grimble and have been using him. He’d be a lot better if his attack and defense were more balanced. He doesn’t need so much defense (814) and health (1415), he’s not a defensive hero, he’s an attacking hero.

I’d really like it if he was re-balanced. Otherwise I like his design.

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Minion card on QoH is not an incoming effect on Vela. The key word is incoming - so Lade of the Lake, Seshat minions come in to mind which incoming to Vela ( damage in the case of Seshat and effect in case of LotL ) going to be blocked

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