Grimble – New December 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

No. If the next enemy also has minions activated, the show goes on, and he hits the next one (repeat from beginning :-)) )

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But the card says “Attacks randomly a new target “if” any minions were destroyed”

It’s the same - if he attacs an enemy, he will destroy his minions. (“Destroys all Minions from the target”).
So if CoD is facing 5 enemies with minions, and he is lucky, he attacks 6 times… :boom:

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Yes, but the probability to choose the next minioned decreases after each hit. I’m using Cap since a while and he seldom attacks more than 3, if all have minions.


And If he’s unlucky, he attacks twice. I’m one of those weird players who daily drive Wu-Kong. I can’t afford to add one more uncertainty in my life.

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Acknowledging that many others in the thread have said some of these points, here’s my summary of where I’m at with Grimble at the moment:


His crit bonus is great for the dark stack, but you are likely making a big sacrifice in tile damage to bring it. Because of that, it is unclear to me if he has a spot here on most teams. Ameonna, Proteus, and Sabina at the least all probably go before him, and they’re hardly scarce.


He has tanky stats, but if he fires at tank before dying it is probably before the other team has minions up. And he suffers from the primary problem when choosing defenders: the AI will rarely luck into the correct timing. Again, I’m not sure if I see a clear role for him.


It’s natural to think of Delilah tanks, but I think that’s actually not a good spot for him. If I put together enough purple tiles to charge him, Delilah is likely dead anyway. And at that point I’d rather have a Proteus charged whether or not Delilah fired before dying. To say nothing of the significant savings in resources to have Proteus instead of Grimble.

Where I think Grimble could be good is actually against Delilah flanks in your minor stack of a 3/2 attack. I particularly like the idea of pairing him with a costumed Rigard: attack boost then AoE attack. I think you could get the timing right and in an impactful way in that sort of situation. There are other minion situations similar to the latter; the point is I actually think he’s better in that role than as an attempt to make a hard counter to Delilah tanks.


This has been said by others: I agree that the true value of Grimble is as a hedge against minions becoming an ever-increasing part of the game. I think SGG is making an effort to slow the game down. And emblems and costumes have been a part of that (despite the fact that they actually bumped up the mana speed of some heroes). Minions are another area. And I think it’s working. Heroes are harder to kill and I suspect fights are taking longer / more moves.

My Plan

A hero was just released (Puss in Boots) who can spawn SEVEN minions at once (if he’s on the field with four minion summoners). I’m going to queue Grimble up, take him to 3.70, and then re-evaluate. That will put me in position to max him if the asset appreciates. If it fails to, I’ve invested very little.


I got pixie+Grimble from a single coin summon right after event start today. Can’t complain as my roster is lackluster on dark color. :smiley:


@0valRainbow That is one heck of a pull! Congrats!!

thanx, that also dumps my hopes for getting next hotm though… Anyway I’ll give him the tabards and make use

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I assume Grimble is the goat that’s being aggressively milked by Robert the Bruce’s leper dad?

I’m fine having a minion chomper… but not as a cleric. By the time he’s 4/80, he’ll be getting wailed on by +15 Emblemed peers … strong case for Captain D

Unless we get super minions, don’t see the need for a dedicated purple (or yellow) for this function — its more advantageous to continue the arms race and blast through …

He’s kind of the Old Aquaman vs Justice League joke…

Does this elemental link stack with the family crit bonus and/or the normal crit buff (Greg, Ares, that fishstick girl, etc)

Used the event coins from finishing rare and epic for a final single summon in the event: Lil John aaand my second Grimble. I’m not a big spender and getting 5*s and HOTM are always a rare treat, but still it is kind of a waste of good luck at this point, since I don’t even know if I would max even the first one

He’s a dark cleric that eats minions… and the two best holy tanks in wars (in some folks opinion) take mana and produce minions… and just in case he has to face a drake or justice, that’s okay, he also resists blind. I mean… he has almost every holy tank covered in some fashion and folks still hate him.


For popularity …

Add: mini skirt
Add: no undies

Expect it to be meh niche cards til s3 given how long it takes — he’s fine, just needs to hit harder to get the nod over so many purples

Lots of people having a grumble about Grimble.
I pulled him yesterday and I’m very happy.
I realise that he is a niche hero and not as good as Kunchen or Seshat but I like him. Where I am at in the game I can afford to max the odd niche hero though.
I’ve Kage+12, Seshat, Aeron, Sartana and Domitia maxed.
I’ve also a costumed Rigard at +18 (soon to be +19) and he at that level is a fantastic “5*” hero. I’ve also a Proteus at node 9 (just waiting for more food to move him up the talent tree).
I’ve lots of max purple 4*'s aswell so I’m covered pretty well for purple. I have cheshire cat for titans. I’d love panther in the next teltoc but I dont make levelling decisions based on tiny probabilities.
The resist blind skill should not be underestimated plus I like the relatively unique anti-minion skill.
He’s got a nice elemental buff for a purple stack.
Simply for his special skill animation you’d be tempted to level him.
I’ve got 9 tabards, I’m no whale and my other choices are 3.70 Quintus and Obakan so I’m maxing Grimble.


Today I’ve faced this 4400/TP-Team on my last Raid to fill the chest: MN - MIKI - SANTA - INARI - REDHOOD

I’ve brought my 2/60 Grimble with me, and…BOOM! He literally won the match alone!!! :heart_eyes:
What a fun to see him galloping through the enemy lines, slaughtering that forest of minions…while that mana boost was charging my heroes! REEEEAAAL FUN! :heart_eyes:


Its nice to read this actually. I was hoping he could be useful at 3/70, but hearing that he is doing some work even at 2/60 in your team. Pretty cool.


I love my goatf… :rofl:

He’s the 1st real minion meta counter and resists blinding.

But he probably will stay 3.70 for a long time, since…


One of them will immediately be ascended, if I get the traps from legendary grimm forest.
2 stages to go.


@Oksure, I’ve decided to test him against those “minions’ factories”, and I’ve brought him even if at 2/60, 'cause the lack of snipers in the opponent’s team :wink:
But yes!!! He did his job so well…and it was a real, real fun to see! :yum:


I opened a new post for this but I think that if you have a costumed tiburtus, Ursena, Grimble and Mok-arr with correct mana troops you may well be capable of KO’ing a diamond defence team in 9 tiles…

Grimble alone, mediocre, But he is the 4 th aoe, average mana speed, Dark damage dealing hero. From early calculations it seems like together they could kill all but the sturdiest of heroes in one go.

All I need now is Mok-Arr. ^^

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I got him while making pulls in Grimforest gate and because I’m out of unique purple 5* heroes to work on, I’ve been feeding him my purple food. I’ll probably max him too, but not before I’ll make some pulls for Panther :wink: I think his skill will be more and more useful with each minion spawning hero that’ll come in future.

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