Grimble kills All my Telly Minions

Grimble destroys all Minions from Telly, not even one with his damage.

Thats’s not a bug, that’s just what he does. Kills all enemy minions before applying damage.

Really? Can you post screenshot of your Telly minion backing the actual Telly being removed by Grimble?

Next time I’m raiding against Grimble I hope I remember making one.

Telly: Resists removal from minions.

Grimble removes all minions except Telly first, after this the AoE is applied, which does damage to telly‘s remaining minion and it will be destroyed by the AoE

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Minions from Telly or Minions on Telly??? There is a big difference.

If I have Rigard with minions from Telly, Grimble will destroy it and then Rigard with get damaged by full skill damage.

But when any minions are attached to Telly, Grimble cannot destroy it but Grimble can still kill it with skill damage. This means the minion absorb some/all of the skill damage so Telly only receive some/none of the skill damage.

Thx guys. I understood. Have to look at it carefully the next time. If I find out something different; I’ll let you know.
Great support as always.
Take care.


Sorry damn, gruess that happens when you werent Lucky enough to pull her … cheers!

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