Grimble, is a worth purple 5* Hero?

To me, he always felt like a hero anticipating a new meta, and with the number and deadliness of minion-generators on the rise, I’m glad to have him in my back pocket. He may turn out to be one of the best, if not the best, niche heroes in the game.

If not, oh well, bonus draw. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately you need the Tiburtus costume to make it work. There’s no good way to make up the 5% bonus from the costume.

An alternative that might be faster for some:

  • Costumed Rigard with level 5 mana troop
  • Regular Tiburtus with level 1 mana troop but with costume bonus and emblemed to node 8, where you take the mana bonus
  • Grimble with level 23 mana troop

That would sacrifice Tiburtus’ full AoE, putting defense down on only three (but he will hit them harder). In turn, Grimble’s hit would be less efficacious. I’m sure it wouldn’t be a full team wipe, but I doubt many would complain if it took down ‘only’ the front three.

As minions grows and getting more common, I will let Domita take Grimble under her wing with the 94% protection against yellow. And maybe a costumed Rigard under the other wing. And Grimble will act as a fuel booster to tie this little purple circle togheter. If Rigard can go off first, then that will be a nice boost to Grimble and Domitas attack as well

How would you help buff him? The only thing I can think of would be to increase his hit to 305 on target and nearby enemies while leaving everything else about him untouched.

Yes, she’s underrated IMO. I would add she takes rogue emblems which there aren’t that many serious uses for.

That said, with Season 3 on deck, I’m hoarding mats and not ascending anyone (unless I pull Jean-F, of course. knock wood)

Large Marg now that hero is a total zero

Maybe SG deliberately made him weak because they assumed the paying customers would be spending big at an attempt to get Mother North and didn’t want to flood the game with a strong HOTM at the same time.

I would view it that way, the real HOTM every December is Mother North.

I only have 2 5* purple - grimble and…mok arr :frowning:

I took the suggestion from a member who replied to me about this same question i asked in the grimble thread linked to above and waited until I had 10 tabards before i maxed him.

My first testing just occurred in this past war on a mono purple defense. My alliance ranges from 2500-4000 TP so I’m on the higher end of the range. He held up nicely and I had 8 flags used against my team for 2 defeats so I think in the right combo he works ok. This was my team -

I will try him in some raids in the future. He is my 2nd maxed 5* so i dont have alot to compare with him. Here is where he is at stat wise for me currently -

I only used him on 1 titan so far in a purple stack with wu kong and I did my average 25-50k hits everytime.

Hope this might help a bit in deciding.

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I dont know if i will go all purple on my raid or war defense team .

However im glad he worked well for you !

Lol even more valuable costumed rigard costumed tibs ursena then grimble. Wipes out most health.

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