Grimble didnt kill Beras minion

In a recent raid my grimble did only kill Tellurias minions and not Beras. I find that odd since Grimble is supposed to kill all minions. There were no krampus/BK in the opposing team with taunt.
So ithink its a bug. Or are Bers minions safe from minionkillers???

He should kill all minions except the ones on Telluria who is immune to minion removal…

Hard to judge what happened without any screenshot or video though. There are so many ailments in the game etc that could play their role to explain it.

When you say Telluria’s and Bera’s minions, do you mean the specific minions created by them (green and purple), or the minions (any type) in front of Telluria and Bera?

That is
a) Telluria and Bera both had minions in front of them, and Grimble removed those from Telluria but not Bera,
b) Telluria had both green and purple minions, and Grimble only removed the green ones?

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