Grimble deserve 4 ascend?

Whaaaat!? Miki so deserves fourth ascend. He is great in events and wars and really shines with titans. I leveled him before Magni and Alice, and I have no regrets!

I also have Grimble, luckily I’m out of tabards so I don’t need to think ascending him right now. Probably he is going to stay 3/70, being so niche.


did you get quintas costume, I really like him with his costume

Yes, and he is also sturdy enough at 3.70 in stage 15 on every Event I used, except Avalon (blue reflect) next month.
In your opinion, which priority should ascend 1st if the choise are 2nd Magni, Thorne, Vela or Miki? I still wait and hope on Feb Atlantis for Ariel. I have 7 scopes, and after Atlantis Feb, then I will decide which should ascend one of what I have.

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Miki for 10*+ titans else Vela.

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I find Grimble useful in raids. Usually against a yellow tank in higher arenas I run into a lot of Sheshats flanking the yellow tanks. Sheshat is probably the most prolific minion regenerator and is great food for goat boy.

Grimble was my 4th dark ascension, after Kunchen, Sartana, and Kage. If you don’t have a purple sniper you may want to hold off and save your Tabbards, but otherwise he is only great when you run into minion generating heros.


If you are happy with 3/70 Miki, then you don’t need to ascend him. With your choices I would go for Vela if you feel Miki is good enough as he is now.

My alliance hits titans 11-12* and Miki was too fragile when 3/70. But let’s face it, I would have ascended him anyway.

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Yeah, Grimble seems like a perfect niche for raid and war when there are a couple minion feeders around. I’m stalking all the grimble threads because I pulled 2(!?!!) of him, and I keep hoping to be convinced I won the lottery.

Really bad advice if you calculate the time that you need to get 6 tabarts instead of waiting until May
LOL yeah really bad advice :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

A bit offtopic maybe, but having maxed Captain Diamond, even though he is getting a lot of hates etc, I do take him occasionally to my blue stack more and more often when there’s at least 3 minion heroes in the other team, which is not that uncommon anymore. Recently I fought team with Santa Claus, Seshat, Lady of the lake… Capt was murdering them.

I can imagine taking Grimble to similar use but when the team is skewed yellow, in place of some other purple regular I have.

Is that worth Tabard I am not sure. He does his job as effectively at 3.70.

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Yes correct still bad advice

waiting for May is better idea than asc bad hero now but regret later , this is not sprint game but more like marathon , i was saving 12 tabbard approx 2 months++ just for Seshat than asc Obakan/Domitia and thanks for that patiance , i would regret much if asc-ed Domitia/Obakan. choice is yours , if you are Heavy Spender then just Asc any hero you had , you can get Mats by purchase offer later , but if you are casual player , better be a smart + patiance player.

or you can try your luck at Atlantis this month , may the luck be with you to summon Kunchen

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Grimble’s special is broken for mono-attack teams. Because Grimble is an average mana hero, I usually have all of my heroes fully charged for attack. If Grimble attacks first to kill all the minions, then there is no additional mana to be added tot he other heroes because they are already fully charged. If Grimble attacks after the other heroes attack, there are little to no minions left to kill, so no mana added again. If they changed his special to steal minions from enemies and distribute randomly to allies, then he would be a great niche hero; especially against someone like Telluria.

Having said that, I try to attack with a costumed Rigard and a Proteus so that I can use both of their specials prior to Grimble without taking out any minions and adding attack to Grimble. At least those heroes get some mana gain and Grimble’s attack is more effective.

Considering all the new minions heros and the new meta. Is Grimble a bit better and ascension worthy?
Or is it as bigSlick say…

Good timing on the question.
Just successfully raided this minion heavy team

Using this team

If you’re interested, I could post the video somewhere

You can use Grimble without any emblems and he’s useful in the undead horde war too

Whether he is worthy of the tabards will depend on what other purple heroes you have

Edit : As was mentioned, you need to time his usage properly so that he lights up the other heroes after he clears the minions



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I using him for every war, and I can say that he is very important for my team, eating minions and charching mana vs teluria is very helpful.

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During Rush Attack wars, you’ll be glad you had him and he’s an asset. Outside of very fast wars, for me he sits on the bench.

You should check your war teams and the teams you face and see if you’d use him.

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Grimble has a use in mono for a couple of reasons -

  1. Crit up elemental link
  2. Quintus/C Quintus/any other slow purple

Running him against tel teams I usually try to let Tel fire first, which then means that I will charge up C Quintus and after C Rig, Grimble, Tiburkiss, and C Quintus the enemy is down 2, 3 or 4 heroes. Proteus mops up the left overs. Doing this means that I really only charge up C Rig and Quintus but at this stage I don’t need to charge up any others. He does charge himself too though so that’s nice.

I do find him a bit more useful in a 4-1 stack where he is my insruance policy against a bad board of my red tiles. Good reds = win. Good purples = charge up reds = win. I would take him against Tel + 1 summoner, preferably Freya or Bera as they are fast. It is possible to dump tiles into Freya to make her charge twice and basically then charge everyone up on my team


I am finding Grimble more useful as the number of minion generating heroes increases.

Just recently I brought Grimble along to a raid I did not think I could win and the raid went initially downhill as expected until Grimble charged and basically turned the sure loss into a win.

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I like this idea and will give it a go in future Raids against Telluria and other minion spawning tanks.

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