Grimble Blind Resisitance Help (solved post 2) – Resistance applicable to Magic Night Stages?

So I was wondering if the inate abilities are supposed to work in the Atlantis stages, cause ranvir works for the poison but unfortunately grimble doesn’t work for the mist with his ability to resist accuracy ailments. Do the special stages not count? I’m not going to put this in the bug section because I doubt it is a bug I’m just wondering for clarifies sake. Also when Beta testing are the innate abilities tested against these special stages in Atlantis to see how they respond not that that is necessary I was just wondering.


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The fog only affect the special skill
While miss affect the tiles as well
So its not a complete blindness and its working as intended
And i can confirm that in beta these things is being tested as well


I also notice that Margaret doesn’t keep her buffs in the double manna stages which I soon might have to do with the fact that it’s not dispelling them technically I guess.

As its written and effect by heroes only last 1 turn

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Thank you can you close this post @zephyr1


I’ll leave it open in case someone else has the same question at some point.

I did move it to #gameplay-help-tactics and amend the title, though, so it’ll be easier to find in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:

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